McLaren 650S Spider: Life in the Fast Lane with the Top Down

It’s just as well a daily driver as it is a vehicle that will apex corners with confidence and fluidity.

  • Mclaren

There are a few things one could purchase for $400K.

Perhaps a downtown condo or a lovely country home?

Maybe even a vacation property in Europe?

A collection of vintage guitars or some artwork?

Or you can add a 2015 McLaren 650S Spider to your fold.

And what a glorious piece of automotive mastery to add.

It’s the successor to the MP4-12C and is better in pretty much every way; suspension, handling, throttle response, you name it.

When it comes to its agility and the way it absorbs road imperfections, you’d be amazed that you’re riding in a supercar rather than a vehicle of lesser pedigree.

The potent snarl of the tailpipes combined with a 3.8L, twin-turbo V8 will have you smiling faster than the 3.0 seconds it takes to bring this rear-wheel drive convertible to 100km/h.

The top speed on 329km/h is almost three times higher than most can legally clock on Canadian roads, but there’s a place and a time for that kind of fun and it’s called: the track.

It’s just as well a daily driver as it is a vehicle that will apex corners with confidence and fluidity.

That’s the beauty of this model.

I’d be happy with it in my driveway – let’s face it, who wouldn’t?! – namely because it is a very urban compatible vehicle. No, I’m not just saying that to justify the purchase.

Sure you sit really low, and rearward visibility isn’t fantastic, but those are the small sacrifices to make. Besides, a backup camera is there to assist you.

Then there’s the celebrity status appeal that comes standard in every 650S Spider.

Take it anywhere and all eyes and cameras will be on you.

Then park it and enjoy living out of the spotlight for a while.

Helping turn those necks is its styling.

McLaren doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to looking incredible from every angle. And their speed check logo is integrated into various parts of the vehicle. The bulged fenders at the front give the driver a great perspective on where the vehicle is going, even if you’re just sitting a matter of inches above ground.

Fun fact: the design on the “home” button on the infotainment system might look like a circle and a squiggle. Not so. It’s actually the aerial view of McLaren’s facility in Surrey, England.

Talk about attention to details.


Another fun fact: McLaren spent over 3,000 hours in a simulator before their first 650S was built. That said, the 650 horsepower and 678 lb-ft of torque can be both accessible in various situations; high or low speed.

But when you strip away the carbon fibre tub, the body-hugging seats and the crisp white paint, what you’re left with is a machine that ultimately puts a smile on your face and the people who lay eyes on it.

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