Mazda Teases New Crossover for Geneva Reveal

The photo shows off a roofline that's much narrower than the body that looks to be more swooping and less SUV-flat.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams February 5, 2019

Mazda has just given us a glimpse of a new crossover. One it’s planning to debut at the Geneva Motor Show early next month. But just what crossover this is isn’t exactly clear.

Some outlets are calling it the next CX-3, but we’re not convinced. For a start, Mazda is calling it “a brand-new addition to the Mazda lineup.” That name pretty much rules out the new crossover being a replacement for something we already have. A look at the teaser photo gives a few more hints about what could be lurking in the darkness.

Take a look at those broad rear haunches. Not that Mazda’s current crossovers aren’t athletic looking, but this seems to be something more than that. The photo shows off a roofline that’s much narrower than the body that looks to be more swooping and less SUV-flat. In short, it looks like a crossover-coupe. The more stylish raked rooflines of that segment that trades space for style are becoming more common, and the segment has been growing very quickly. Especially among luxury brands. Just look at BMW, who has three. Even Mercedes is adding to the list. Mazda already has a vehicle that’s a little like this in the CX-8 that’s sold elsewhere around the globe. That’s a CX-5 with an extended wheelbase for a third row of seats. It’s longer than the CX-5, but shorter and narrower than the CX-9 we see here.

This one seems to be smaller than that, though. Which could possibly make this new crossover a CX-4 if the brand wanted to continue the same naming system.

Mazda is saying that the new crossover will use the company’s new Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture, the platform that underpins the new Mazda3. It will also get the company’s latest powertrains, which includes the Skyactiv-X and its compression ignition technology that the company says gives gas engine revs with diesel response.

Since this teaser photo came to us via Mazda Canada, it looks like we’ll be getting this crossover, unlike the CX-8. Mazda will also be showing off the 30th Anniversary MX-5 set to debut later this week in Chicago and the new 3 sedan and hatch.

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