Massage Seats - A New Luxury Feature 

It’s great for keeping you loose on long road trips and it creates a spa-like experience no matter where you are.

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Luxury automakers are continually adding new features, and tweaking old ones, to ensure they’re providing the most opulent experience possible for passengers.

One comfort feature that’s become somewhat commonplace—but overlooked and wholly welcomed, especially after it’s experienced—is the massage seat. It’s great for keeping you loose on long road trips and it creates a spa-like experience no matter where you are.

Here we take a look at some automakers and models that offer this luxe feature.


Offering supreme comfort is not a new thing for Mercedes-Benz. Armed with four air chambers that are meant to adapt the seat “in an orthopaedically beneficial manner,” Mercedes’ Multicontour Seats also offer an optional massage option that takes comfort to new heights. And, if you’re really in the mood to splurge, there is a hot stone massage feature on some models, including the S-Class sedan.

Mercedes-Benz luxury massage seat


Perhaps more known for performance than elegance, BMW certainly doesn’t ignore such lavish features—especially on its larger sedans. Their all-new 2016 7-Series includes an Executive Seating Package. As the name suggests, it’s pretty badass. The seats will give you that sweet back rub you need at the end of the day, but it doesn’t stop there. They also recline to 42.5 degrees and has a folding footrest. Add a flat screen, 7-inch touchscreen and a foldout tray table, and you’re whisked away to true executive class.

BMW Massage seat


The Brits aren’t to be left out in the comfort game. Their long, lean and muscular XJ sedan includes an optional masseuse by way of their massage function that offers five modes and five levels of intensity. It’s an inclusive approach that will eliminate knots in any set of shoulders—and with so many available combinations you may never want to get out of the seda.

Jaguar Massage Seat


The Swedish carmaker is turning heads with its all-new XC90 SUV—and for good reason. It’s a gorgeous redesign that features one of the best interiors in its class. The infotainment system is controlled by an intuitive tablet-like screen and the materials gently whisper their elegance. Earlier this year they unveiled the XC90 Excellence that takes the SUV to new luxurious heights. It features two rows of seating, compared to three in the regular XC90, providing an incredible amount of legroom. That enables you to really sit back and enjoy an extended massage. It’s not yet available here, but there are talks about bringing it to the Canadian market.

volvo luxury seat

Not ready to roll in style? Don’t worry, a masseuse-on-the-go isn’t the hardest aftermarket add-on to your existing car. Companies such as Obusforme and Conair make massage chairs—often with a heated function—that you can place in your vehicle.

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