• VisioBlade wiper system

Lincoln Aviator Offers Heated Wipers

The VisioBlade wiper system has a unique heating element that keeps blades warm.

Avatar By: Wheels.ca December 27, 2019

The next winter storm is just around the corner, but that icy sleet pelting windshields won’t stand a chance against the all-new Lincoln Aviator equipped with intuitive and time-saving technology like heated VisioBlade wipers designed to help make winter driving virtually effortless.

The available VisioBlade washer and wiper system has a multitude of features intended to restrain Mother Nature and keep windshields clear of dirt, grime and icy buildup.

Unlike traditional systems that dispense wiper fluid through nozzles in front of the windshield, it dispenses wiper fluid through integrated nozzles in the blades themselves.

It’s an option that could come in handy soon. Weather forecasts are predicting challenging conditions throughout the entire country this winter.

VisioBlade wiper system

A heating element integrated into the assembly keeps the wiper blades warm and prevents icy buildup, both on the blades and the windshield.

Internal tests show the blades can heat from subfreezing temperatures to 86 degrees Fahrenheit in four minutes; a traditional defroster alone can take up to 15 minutes to clear an ice-caked windshield.

The flat-blade shape also assists in keeping the blade pressed against the glass, enhancing wiping and washing performance at highway speeds.

The VisioBlade system, available as part of the Elements Package Plus, is one of many Aviator technologies designed to take the bite out of winter driving.