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'Levitating' man stuns commuters as he floats alongside London bus

Onlookers gape, online sleuths try to figure out how he did it

Londoners got quite a jolt during their commute this week: instead of looking out the window and seeing the usual scenery, they saw a man levitating alongside their double-decker bus.

Dynamo, a British illusionist named Steven Frayne, attracted a crowd of onlookers Sunday as he seemingly floated beside the bus, hovering above busy traffic, the Independent reported (video below). The performance was part of a promotional launch for Pepsi’s Live For Now campaign.

The stunt certainly managed to create a buzz.

On the street, some chased the bus to record the act with their phones, while others simply stared in amazement. Still others gathered online to discuss the stunt and to try to figure out how he did it. reported Wednesday that readers flocked to the site’s official Facebook page to discuss the levitation and boiled the trick down to a fake arm, possibly attached to a metal bar and with apparatus supporting his body.

Nevertheless, some say, it’s still pretty impressive.

David Penn, another British illusionist, praised Dynamo’s “excellent” trick and said it would have required months of planning.

“To present that illusion in a urban environment like that is incredibly challenging,” he told the Telegraph. “He’s got a lot of guts.”

Pepsi explained the campaign in an April 2012 news release, saying it would “invite and inspire Pepsi fans to live each moment to the fullest through a breadth of global, pop-culture platforms, including relationships with music and entertainment brand evangelists, digital innovation, epic events and unique partnerships.”

Video: Illusionist ‘levitates’ alongside London bus

  • 'Levitating' man stuns commuters as he floats alongside London bus

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