Lamborghini unveils limited Centenario roadster

At this past weekend’s Pebble Beach car week, Lamborghini revealed the Centenario roadster limited to 20 examples and priced at two million Euros each.

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Lamborghini unveiled the open version of its latest one-off creation to fervent collectors and enthusiasts at this past weekend’s Monterey Car Week in California.

A natural successor to its coupe counterpart, the Centenario Roadster is also limited to 20 units worldwide and represents a true illustration of Lamborghini’s commitment to advance automotive design to new, inspirational heights.

They are priced a two million Euros each.

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The Italian brand continues to honour the centenary of its dynamic founder, Ferruccio Lamborghini, with this special commemorative series.

Designers were given the freedom to create an open design that embodies the progressive qualities of Lamborghini’s visionary founder and shines in an elegant environment. This next level Roadster embodies a new design direction for Lamborghini accentuated by clean surfaces and superb reflections as ‘form follows function’ – true to

The car’s enhanced aerodynamic design includes an extending rear wing providing more downforce at high speeds and is equipped with rear-wheel steering for increased agility and stability.

A new fully connected infotainment and innovative touchscreen system includes internet browsing and Apple CarPlay for easy use.

The lower parts in shiny carbon fibre are functional, technical and dedicated to aerodynamic superiority, including the front splitter, side skirts, wheel arches and rear diffuser.

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Air flows through ducts within the front headlight casings and others in the sideskirts and around the wheel arches, improving airflow to the rear radiators and providing optimized cooling.

An extendable rear wing is integrated in body when stationary or at low speeds to preserve the minimalist lines of the Centenario.

According to vehicle dynamic conditions and Driving Mode chosen, the wing extends to 150 mm and rotates up to 15 degrees for optimal aerodynamic efficiency in high performance conditions.

Power and performance

The highly responsive V12 architecture delivers 770 hp acceleration from 0-100 km/h in just 2.9 seconds the Centenario Roadster’s top speed is more than 350 km/h. Braking distance is equally impressive: from 100-0 km/h in just 31 m (102 feet).

Lamborghini unveils limited Centenario roadster


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