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Lamborghini Might Just Build Production Huracan Sterrato

The word Sterrato means dirt road.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams June 14, 2019
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Last week, Lamborghini showed off a concept of an off-road Huracan. The Sterrato was the kind of absurd one-off that only the folks at Sant’Agata could get away with. In fact, it didn’t even look real, just like a not all that well-done rendering. It turns out that not only is the car real, they might actually build it for customers.

The word means dirt road. Sort of. It’s one of those Italian words that doesn’t quite translate, but keep in mind that the company is located in farm country and you’ll get the idea.

It took the bits of the 640 hp V10-powered Huracan Evo and then turned them into something that was designed to conquer roads the Huracan would normally not even be able to look at for fear of carbon meeting stone.

It was lifted, the all-wheel drive system was revised, off-road tires were fitted, and fender flares added the requisite cladding of the crossover. There was even a skidplate slash diffuser underneath.

Not a chance they could build that one, right? Automobile got to drive the prototype, and they’re reporting Lamborghini says they could make it after all.

“Even though the budget is quite tight—it always is at Lamborghini—the provisional business case suggests that we can build this car at a profit. How is this possible, you ask?” said Chief Technical Officer Maurizio Reggiani. “For this purpose, we developed a lightweight synthetic material which is in its final shape bolted or screwed onto the finished body. The idea for this car was born here in Nardo where we have both worlds next to each other. While the Urus is clearly more SUV than sports car, the Sterrato is a Huracán with the abilities of a crossover.”

Huracan Sterrato

So a special synthetic makes those flares possible, and with that most of the rest is just revised suspension bits and LED lights.

Automobile says that the plan would see between 500 and 1,000 of the Sterratos built. The Huracan is ageing, and the replacement is still half a decade away, so that means its time for the special editions to bolster sales. This could be one of them, arriving maybe in a few years. Priced at around €240,000.

What’s next? The report says it needs to go through the bureaucracy. From senior Audi management, who currently manage Lambo too, to the VW Group level. But hey, this is Lamborghini. And this is a crossover, right? It’s practically the Lamborghini Huracan Outback. No wait, this is an Audi, so it’s a Lamborghini Huracan Allroad. That means that there’s a decent chance that you’ll see one blasting down a sterrato near you sometime in the next few years.