John Cena's Ford GT at Auction. Again.

The sixth time it's been listed.

By Evan Williams Wheels.ca

Dec 9, 2019 2 min. read

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For a car that's not supposed to have been sold for two years after it was purchased, this Ford GT, forever known as John Cena's GT, has been sold more in just a little over that time period than most cars will ever be in their entire lifespan.

When Ford decided to relaunch their supercar, the GT, as an ultra-limited production model, they didn't sell it the way any other car had been sold before or since. For a normal car, you go into the dealer and buy one, easy as that. For some limited-volume supercars, it's more complicated. A mysterious process where how many of the brand's cars you've bought before can put you higher on the list for the next one.

Ford held open auditions for the GT, requesting a video and a resume and basically had a talent-show-like process where they reviewed all of the submissions to decide who would get to buy the first (originally 500) cars. They received more than 6,000 applications.

Part of the strange process was an agreement that you couldn't sell the car for two years after you bought it. To prevent flipping for profit.

John Cena's Ford GT

John Cena's Ford GT

Wrestler and actor John Cena famously didn't wait for that time to lapse. Selling his less than a month after receiving it in September of 2017. Ford sued Cena and the auction house, with a settlement with Cena coming later the next year. The auction house, Mecum, agreed not to sell any more GTs from their original owners before the time was up.

But while that suit was in progress, Cena's GT sold again. The second owner reportedly had back problems, and couldn't drive the car. At this point, the car went to auction again, in August 2018, with just 600 miles on the odometer.

Just days after that auction, the car was up for sale again. It was set for auction in October 2018 and sold for the fourth time. Losing money each of those times. It was set for sale for a fifth time in May of this year, but was withdrawn from that auction.

Now it's up for sale again. The sixth time it's been listed, but since it didn't hit the block last time we'll call it the fifth sale. With just 635 miles on the odometer. Again with Mecum, at the company's Kissimmee auction in January. This GT, which you can spot by the VIN ending in 77, has seen a very interesting life. Maybe it will eventually find a car-ever home, with an owner who will put some miles on it.




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