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Jay Leno's famous garage gets
a visit from a 420hp Focus RS

By now most of you know that Jay Leno will officially be retiring from “The Tonight Show” in 2014 to make way for new host Jimmy Fallon. Conan O’Brien is probably less than thrilled. So does that mean the renowned gearhead will have more time to spend at his beloved garage?

We’re betting on it.

Just look how tickled he is get his hands on a head-turning Euro-spec 2010 Ford Focus RS, which never made it to U.S. shores.

“The big question,” he says, “is will it do a burnout?”

Powered by a turbocharged five sourced from Volvo, this particular Focus RS produces a hopped-up 420 horsepower.
Now, a stock RS packs 305 hp, so this one is quite something.
With a number of aftermarket upgrades, the performance potential for one of these babies is phenomenal, and with the next-gen RS on its way, our expectations for it have just gone up a notch or three.
Watch Leno take the Focus RS for a spin and drive away smiling, below.

  • Jay Leno's famous garage gets <br>a visit from a 420hp Focus RS

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