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Slow news week: Montoya to Andretti, Busch to Stewart-Haas

Two news items. Two comments.

News item No. 1.

Michael Andretti says he’s trying to find a sponsor to bring Juan Pablo Montoya back to IndyCar with Andretti Autosport. “I have talked to Juan about IndyCar and told him ‘Hell yeah, let’s find a way to put something together,’ ” Andretti told The Associated Press on Monday.

“I’ve driven against him and I think he’s one of the best drivers I’ve ever driven against. It just comes down to sponsorship. So we’re looking, and if it’s a possibility, we want to do something with him.”


Montoya was a wonderful open wheel racing driver. But he hasn’t been in a single seater since 2005. That’s a lot of time between drinks. He hasn’t exactly been setting the world on fire in NASCAR so why does anybody think he’s going to be Superman again in IndyCar?

But let’s, for the sake of argument, say that sponsorship materializes. Then what?

Will Andretti Autosport run six drivers during the regular season next year? The ego shack could get a little crowded over there, what with Ryan Hunter-Reay, Marco Andretti, E.J. Viso, James Hinchcliffe and Carlos Munoz already in there.

Or does this mean Munoz doesn’t have the backing to move up to IndyCar next year? Or that Hinchcliffe is going elsewhere? Will there be an opening or two at AA?

Or is it all really just a PR excercise? Montoya calls Michael looking for a ride and Michael says sure, if we can get a sponsor. I mean, if you were Michael Andretti, isn’t that what you’d say?

News item No. 2.

Kurt Busch says he has an offer to join Stewart-Haas Racing in 2014.


I can’t see Busch at Stewart-Haas unless Tony is going to surprise the hell out of everybody and retire from Sprint Cup competition to be the face of the team so he can go off and race sprint cars any time he feels like it.

Or maybe Busch is thinking of buying Stewart out.

Right now, Busch runs the show at Furniture Row. They do what he tells them to do. And they worship him. He’s going to make the Chase with that team, so why leave?

Sure, he might wind up driving for a bigger organization, but if that happens he’d better be a team player or else he’ll be asked to leave – as if that hasn’t happened before.

Does he want to risk keeping his temper in check while having to share a garage with Danica Patrick?

Just askin’.

Finally, why would Stewart tell Ryan Newman to find another job for 2014 because there isn’t sponsorship to run him and then bring in Kurt Busch when, again, there is no sponsorship.

It doesn’t make sense.

I suggest Kurt is being mischievous. Or else he and Stewart really are cooking up a deal. Busch-Haas Racing, anyone?

  • Slow news week: Montoya to Andretti, Busch to Stewart-Haas
  • Slow news week: Montoya to Andretti, Busch to Stewart-Haas

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