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Is this the worst driving prank ever?

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Some folks are just born pranksters, but YouTube user TheMannyChannel seems to have a desire to either kill off his wife or get divorced in a hurry. While driving on the highway, the wife falls asleep. Not all that unusual for someone riding shotgun, until her trouble-making hubby notices a truck being towed and decides to scare the daylights out of the poor lady. This guy deserves everything she might be thinking of doing to him!

Shorty Superbad raps about 2013 Nissan Altima

As part of their marketing program for their new Altima, Nissan invited five lucky Facebook fans to drive the new sedan before the masses. One of the guests was rapper and filmmaker Kris Cash who loved his own Altima so much that he rapped about it in a YouTube video. This got the PR team’s wheels turning and the next thing you know, I am writing about a video called Shorty Superbad. In the video that he produced, Cash raps about his experience with the 2013 Altima. I don’t think this guy has much of a future in the music biz, but Nissan should get some mileage out of the video.

Ford creates one-off Red Tails edition of 2013 Mustang

Like a good many car enthusiasts over the years, John Najjar was a fan of fighter planes, in particular the legendary P-51 Mustang that was flown by the U.S. forces during WWII. Najjar was Ford’s Executive Stylist in the early Sixties and it has been suggested over the years that his love of the P-51 was the inspiration for the name of the original pony car.

The good folks at Mustangs Daily have a story about a new project car that Ford has just finished off that ties in nicely with that almost fifty year old tale. The super-custom 2013 Mustang has been created to be auctioned off to benefit the EAA’s Young Eagles program which puts hopeful youngsters behind the controls of an airplane to begin their journey into being a pilot. Ford has been involved in this program for years, creating Mustangs based on themes such as the SR71 Blackbird and the Blue Angels. The auctions have raised over $1.5 million in recent years.

This year’s car is called Red Tails, in honour of the now legendary Tuskegee Airmen, a squadron of African American airmen who were active in Europe during WWII. While the group flew P-39 Airacobras and P-47 Thuderbolts, they were best known for the last allotment of planes they flew, which were P-51 Mustangs which had red tails.

Red Tails was created in Southern California from VIN number 00051 by Creations ‘n Chrome. The build details are too numerous to mention here, but I have to point out that the wicked looking side exhausts are indeed functional. To learn more about Red Tails, head on over to Mustangs Daily.

Why does the Ferrari Enzo replacement have a sad face?

Sightings of the long awaited replacement for the Ferrari Enzo are becoming more frequent on the Internet these days, but most captures have been from the rear of the car. This full frontal view shows a very sad looking face that the boys at Jalopnik have compared to a Whale Shark. While I can’t dispute the comparison, I suspect the Enzo 2 or F70 will be more shark than whale when it comes to market.

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