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Is this the worst display of bystander apathy ever?

A scary crash between a speeding motorcyclist and a left-turning vehicle yielded what could be the worst display of bystander indifference in the dash cam footage below.

The ugly collision took place in what appears to be somewhere in Russia after the motorcyclist ran through a very close yellow light (or possibly red), slamming into the turning vehicle at high speed. The rider took a tumble across the hood of the car, and was very lucky to land on his feet with only minor injuries.

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But the reaction of the bystanders was arguably uglier than the crash itself. The pedestrians in the video just blatantly ignore the collision, and unbelievably no one in the immediate vicinity offers to help the hobbled rider. And a few vehicles just go about passing the scene as if nothing had happened.

Certainly, there’s an element of not wanting to get involved in someone else’s business. But it’s hard to believe not even one person offered to lend the injured man a hand in this scene.

Are these types of crashes so commonplace here that pedestrians have become this jaded?

Via: Jalopnik

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