Is this the ultimate Corvette barn find?

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Whether we are talking about cars, airplanes or tea cups, the ultimate barn find is the dream of collectors all over the world.

In the automotive scene, there are a variety of Holy Grail types, cars that have been missing for so long they have become legend. James Dean’s “Little Bastard” and Steve McQueen’s Mustang from the movie Bullitt are a couple that come to mind.

For the serious Corvette collector, the ultimate find would be the car that Briggs Cunningham raced at Le Mans in 1960. According to Dan Strohl at Hemmings, one such collector has found that very car. Choosing to remain anonymous for the moment, the new owner discovered the car in a warehouse in Florida, where it has sat, unregistered since 1976.

The car will be on display as it was found, dust and all, alongside one of its sister cars at the Corvettes at Carlisle event later this month.

  • Is this the ultimate Corvette barn find?

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