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Is this the most reckless driver ever?

Drifting on public roads, speeding, making unsafe lane changes, endangering the safety of others. You name it, the driver in the video below violates all the rules of the road.

Giorgi Tevzadze, from the Eastern European country of Georgia, is the driver identified in the 8-minute video. Even he admits the driving in the video is reckless and warns others against trying to pull off the same stunt.

We only wish Tevzadze and his crew followed their own advice before filming this.

“Driving on public roads like that is terribly dangerous and can lead to the worst consequences! so please DO NOT TRY TO DO what you see in this video! We are not going to race in streets like these anymore! But still this is a very beautifull video!!!” reads the video’s description.

Via: Jalopnik

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  • Is this the most reckless driver ever?

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