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Is the Boxster Already a Classic? Porsche Restores 10 to Show it is.

Porsche GB is bringing 20 special restorations to the Classic Motor Show in Birmingham UK this weekend.

Evan Williams By: Evan Williams November 9, 2018

Porsche wants you to know that they don’t just sell and support new cars. The automaker’s Porsche Classic division can not just provide you parts for your vintage 911 and 356, but they can also restore it for you completely at a Porsche Centre. To show off their classic wares, and to help with the 70-years of Porsche celebrations this year, Porsche GB is bringing 20 special restorations to the Classic Motor Show in Birmingham UK this weekend.

The lineup is full of cars dating back to 1970. But it’s the more modern ones that might be more of a surprise. 10 of the 20 cars will be first-generation 986 Boxsters. See, a classic only needs to be 25 years old. And 25 years ago is a lot later than you probably think it is. The Boxster was first revealed 25 years ago. At the 1993 North American International Auto Show. And while it took a few years more for it to make production, it’s hard to argue that the Boxster is already a classic. Even if that just means modern classic.

The maybe it’s not yet a classic Boxster came along at a strange time for Porsche. The air-cooled era was ending, and styling was still a touch strange, but with air-cooled 911s climbing through the stratosphere in price, maybe it’s the 986 Boxster’s time?

The 10 restored cars are a split of four 2000 models, five 2001s, and a 2002. All the S model with a manual. That means the 3.2L flat-six making 250 hp.

Porsche Classic Division

Outside of the Boxsters, the list starts with another mid-engine car that was unloved when new. The 914. In this case, a 1.7 manual from 1970. The 80 hp cars were never exactly quick, but are increasing in desirability.

There’s also a 924 Turbo. The angular front-engine car, this one from 1981, that made 149 hp. Along with that car, Porsche has restored a 1993 928 GT, a 1986 944, and a 1996 968 model. The company calls the 928 GT “the king of the transaxle Porsche sports cars” thanks to the four-valve V8 and aluminum chassis. The 968 is a UK-only model that took some of the hard-core Club Sport model’s features but kept much of the regular car’s comfort bits.

Don’t worry, there are some 911s on the list. Like a 1982 911 3.0 SC. The classic rear-engine car made 201 hp from it’s flat-six. There are also some more modern versions of the 911, as new as the Boxsters.

Those include two 996-generation cars. One a Carrera 2 coupe from 1999 and a 414 hp 2003 911 Turbo.

Porsche Classic Division

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