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Is Smack Attack a brilliant idea
or an accident waiting to happen?

Either way, electronic gadget that turns your steering wheel
into a drum kit is about to hit the market

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Pretty much anyone who’s ever driven a car with a radio has done it: pounded out a sizzling drum solo on the steering wheel while stuck in traffic. Or maybe even while driving, if the song is infectious enough.

Now one company has taken that irresistible urge to the next level by turning your steering wheel into a virtual drum kit. It’s called Smack Attack. And it is either a great idea or a driving disaster waiting to happen. Or possibly both.

The Smack Attack steering wheel cover features eight touch sensors that produce drum sounds on top of the music pumping from your iPhone music library. Buyers can also download songs without the drum part so that the user can freestyle his or her own beats.

And if that seems like a massive bout of distracted driving waiting to happen, its creators argue the device could actually keep drivers focused by engaging them.
They note it’s meant to be used during gridlock, not while rocketing down the highway at full throttle. But at a time when regulators and police are increasingly focused on distracted driving, Smack Attack’s timing may be just a little offbeat. (Ba-dum-ching.)

Watch the Smack Attack promotional video below. (Note: Unless you’re driving right now.)

  • Is Smack Attack a brilliant idea <br>or an accident waiting to happen?

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