Integra needs winter boots

What do you advise?

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Q I bought an Acura Integra GS-R coupe about two years ago, and it has been great.

My tires are BridgestonePotenzas (P205/50/ZR15). They corner and handle well, although they are a bit noisy.

The owner’s manual calls for P195/55R15s, I’d like to stick with my current size.

I’ve found a good price on a set of V-rated BFGoodriches.

What do you advise?

Guy Springgay, Oakville

A The size of tire now on your Acura is fine.

Either size is the same diameter so all is well there.

While tire makers don’t recommend it, downgrading from a Z or ZR (able to handle speeds up to 240 km/h and above to a V (up to 240 km/h) speed rating is common for the Integra.

This car really needs winter tires or at least state-of-the-art all-seasons.

The all-season BFGoodrich g-Force KDW is a poor choice in snow.

The Toyo Proxes 4 and Pirelli P6 All Season have superior engineering and will outperform the BFG in winter.

If you go with a summer-only tire, I’d consider the BFG g-Force Sport. It has super performance in wet and dry and comes in at an excellent price, compared to the competition.

Q I need to replace my original Bridgestone Duellers (P205/70R15 95S), which have about 45,000 km. on them.

They certainly didn’t last very long.

The Yokohama Ice-guards you recommended are wonderful.

Linda Costantini, Calgary

A I’m glad the Yoko winter tires worked out for you.

For a tire for the rest of the year, here’s what I’d consider:


  • Goodyear TripleTred. It’s rated for 130,000 km and comes with a roadside assistance program at no extra charge.
  • Michelin HydroEdge (140,000 km).
  • Yokohama TRZ. Buyers get a six-year tread life warranty, with no km limit.All three are leading-edge all-seasons, with excellent dry and wet grip and nice ride qualities.Q Our 2003 Chev Monte Carlo LS has Goodyear Eagle P225/60R16 tires and is hard to handle in winter.What Michelins would be the best for it?

    Lyle Gibson, Smiths Falls

    A Your Eagles are high-performance tires.

    In your size, only one Michelin offers the correct fit — the Pilot Sport A/S.

    This aggressive all-season sports tire is W-speed rated (good for speeds up to 270 km/h) and may have too jarring a ride for your Monte.

    Check out the Yokohama AVID H4S and the General Exclaim.

    The Yoko is V-rated (up to 240 km/h), but still very stiff. The Exclaim is H-rated (up to 210 km/h) and gives a better balance between comfort and grip.

    Email tire questions to John Mahler at


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