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Insider Report: Boastful car thieves help police bust them

Stealing cars in today’s world requires a certain level of technology and knowledge. But that doesn’t mean car thieves need to be smart. Take the group of British car thieves who were recently busted after they posted celebratory photos on Facebook, for example.

According to The Daily Mail, a gang of eight men made 15 high-end heists that included BMWs, Porsches,  a £100,000 Mercedes, jewellery, phones and laptops.

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But after one of the gang members posted a picture of himself on the hood of a stolen Range Rover on Facebook, police found scores of other incriminating images on the social network site and on cellphones, showing the  men sitting in the stolen cars, drinking champagne and wearing Rolex and Cartier watches.

The young man you see above even went so far as to show himself enjoying a cash sandwich after fencing their loot.

Watch a parking attendant retaliate after being pushed by delivery truck
There isn’t any back story available on this 12-second video clip, so we will just have to come to our own conclusion as to what started the encounter you are about to watch. We see a parking attendant leaning on the front of a delivery truck and being pushed along by the truck. Then, the attendant retaliates with a good old fashioned stoning. It seems like nobody is thinking clearly in this one.

Aussie TV host Edwina Bartholomew reports on Shitbox Rally
Last week I showed a bit of crapcan racing from the LeMons series for the first time here in the Insider Report. I just came across a similar type of event Down Under that is a rally rather than a circuit race. Aptly (yet perhaps offensively depending on how tightly your knickers are knotted) named the Shitbox Rally, the event see competitors travelling from Adelaide to Coober Pedy in vehicles that are less than pristine. Rising star TV host Edwina Bartholomew from the Sunrise on 7 morning show is taking part in the event, which is being held to support Cancer research. Eddie as she is known is a less than talented driver, but she’s a good sport and is more than happy to poke fun at herself.

Subaru show its history of crash testing
Not only is Subaru creating great rally content for the web these days, but they are also combing their archives to show some heritage in a new series called WOW. They just released volume 8, which shows Subaru’s history of crash testing. This is a neat glimpse into the evolution of automotive safety.

Speed of Sunshine
“I keep saying fun, don’t I?”

With that one question, Annetta Calisi sums up the Fiat 500 perfectly. Calisi and her husband are the owners of an immaculately restored 1964 Fiat 500D that just might be the most romantic little car ever built. Even if its 0-60 time is close to a minute, I doubt there are too many cars that are even as remotely fun to drive as this classic ray of sunshine. This video from Petrolicious will brighten your day!

  • Insider Report: Boastful car thieves help police bust them
  • Insider Report: Boastful car thieves help police bust them
  • Insider Report: Boastful car thieves help police bust them
  • Insider Report: Boastful car thieves help police bust them
  • Insider Report: Boastful car thieves help police bust them

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