Insider Report: You haven't seen drifting till you've seen Russian Audi drifting

Just ask this Russian guy who was having a bit of drifting fun in his S5 (RS5?) in the city of Ekaterinburg when the surface became a bit more slick than he bargained for.

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Last year when I visited Nokian’s tire testing facility, north of the Arctic Circle in Finland, I had the opportunity to drive the magnificent Audi RS5 on the snowy roads of Lapland and the car proved to be incredibly capable at speed. With the correct tires, on snow. On ice, nothing beats studded tires. Nothing.

Just ask this Russian guy who was having a bit of drifting fun in his S5 (RS5?) in the city of Ekaterinburg when the surface became a bit more slick than he bargained for. This is a perfect display of how all-wheel-drive can cause more grief than it prevents in certain situations, when not combined with the proper tires and a bit of talent behind the wheel. Fortunately, the bus stop he destroys is empty and the Audi was more than capable of protecting the loose nut behind the wheel.

When you really gotta go…
I have a thimble-sized bladder, which means that I often drive from rest stop to rest stop when on trips, but sometimes when nature calls, a trip into the woods is necessary. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this, but there is a time and place to answer the call. The middle of an intersection, on streetcar tracks, is not it.

Where else but Russia?

British inventor creates adult sized Little Tikes car
These days, anyone who didn’t have a Little Tikes car (ie, you are old like me) has at the very least seen the neighbourhood kids booting around in one. The little red and yellow car has become somewhat of a kids mobility icon over the years. Officially called the Cozy Coupe, the little foot powered car has been sold since 1979.

British inventor John Bitmead decided to build his own, gasoline powered adult version that is licensed to be driven on the roads and is capable of speeds up to 112 km/h. Bitmead intends to use his creation to fund raise for children’s charities.

Time lapse shows Canadian artist Paul Chenard at work
One of my favourite automotive artists is a Canadian friend of mine named Paul Chenard, from the Halifax area. Chenard’s unique style of art is rapidly becoming a fave of Formula 1 fans around the globe. The artist recently created a large mural for European Motorsports in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The giant pair of images, depicting Juan Manuel Fangio defeating Mike Hawthorne and Pete Collins at the 1957 German Grand Prix were painted by hand. This is pretty cool to watch.

Tuned drives a 500HP hill climbing Psycho Syclone
Far too many tuner types think that making a car special is just a matter of bolting store bought stuff into place to make it sound or look or even perform more to their liking. That stuff is all well and good, but it won’t make a car truly special. Special applies to cars that have been conceived and created, cars that have part of the soul of their creator built in, along with a mix of sweat and blood. Yes, blood must be shed to build a special car.

That is the ethos behind my friend Matt Farah’s show /Tuned. Farah might not be every viewer’s cup of tea, but he exudes passion for the automobile and lives to drive fast. Check out this visit with a wicked little pickup truck.

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