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Insider Report: Woman rolls car, doesn't bat an eyelash

This right here is a prime example of why advanced driver training is so important.

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YouTuber Frisco68 posted this video from his friend’s dash cam, saying:

“A friend of mine had an accident with her car. Luckily, nobody got hurt. Gotta admire how she keeps her cool though, I’d be bummin’ had this happen to me. Hell, I’d be dead, since I drive a Renault Super Cinq.

Update: your comments are hilarious, keep ‘m coming! She had a good laugh this morning, which she could surely use. And a new car. And more driving lessons. Maybe a shorter chain so she can’t get out of the kitchen.”

I would agree that she kept her cool as the car was rolling and I’m glad she wasn’t injured, but I think her “calmness” might be because she is oblivious rather than anything else. Notice that she is driving in heavy rain when her car turns sharply to the left. Most likely her tires are worn out and one side hydroplaned, causing the directional change. My biggest concern is that she did absolutely nothing to attempt to correct the slide. Nothing! It was as if she just expected it to correct itself. What’s worse is that the she thinks the comments about her lack of skills are funny!

This right here is a prime example of why advanced driver training is so important. It is also a great example of the need for tougher driver examinations. Be careful out there, drivers.


Harris Monkey drives Bruno Spengler’s DTM BMW
There was a time when I thought British auto journo Chris Harris was a bit of a know-it-all prat. At least I think that is the term the Brits would use to describe what I thought. Since he has joined my friends at /Drive, his intensity seems to have mellowed a bit and I can feel his passion. I am beginning to like the guy, even though we haven’t yet met. More importantly, I have renewed respect for his ability to calmly describe his thoughts while thrashing a truly insane car on a race track. After my somewhat disjointed first attempt while driving the 2015 Nissan GT-R NISMO on track in Japan, I can admit that what Harris does is quite unique.


In the latest episode of Chris Harris on Cars, the hairy little man (hence the nickname Harris Monkey) has a go at Bruno Spengler’s BMW M3 DTM race car. While I am envious of the opportunity, I am disappointed that the Brit neglected to mention that Spengler, the 2012 DTM Champion, is Canadian! I understand, we are just a colony, but come on!

Then again, how can you get mad at a guy who describes a car like this:

“The type of person who can stand and gawp at a GT3 RS street car…that’s me by the way…risks a small infarction if they come close to the M3 DTM”


How to turn Lightning McQueen into Santa using Play Doh
As the parent of three teenagers, I can vaguely remember trying to find crafts that they kids actually wanted to do or hadn’t done before. While my kids aren’t into Play Doh anymore, even they would think this was a cool craft!

You are welcome.



Giniel De Villiers races a Dakar dream machine
With Christmas fast approaching that means that January isn’t far behind. Sorry to ruin your day! For serious gearheads though, the new year brings the start of the most grueling annual motorsport event of all, The Dakar. It also brings a bunch of fantastic video content for me to share.


The first I am sharing this season comes from Red Bull, as Giniel De Villiers tests his Toyota in the sand.

One day, I will cover The Dakar in person!


One big smoky T-Bucket
Like Chad Reynolds over at Bangshift, I have never been a lover of the T-Bucket hot rod. They just look like an over sized Hot Wheels cars and while that might be cool in some cases, it just doesn’t work for me with the T. The Stars and Stripes adorned T-Bucket in the video below is not like the others, bereft of sill brass coach lamps and gaudy trim. Nope, this one is serious about moving down a drag strip. Sort of. Forget safety equipment, the driver of this bucket heads down the strip in shorts and a tee shirt. For the last pass, he even ditches the helmet!


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