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Insider Report: Drivers who make it easy to mock BMW

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Top 10 BMW Fails Compilation 2013

First off, I have to get this out of the way: I love BMW. The company builds some of the best driving machines ever created. The problem is with some of the people who drive them. BMWs, more than any other car, seem to be driven by the type of personality that other people love to hate. As a result, I don’t think there is another brand that has so many jokes about it. This compilation video sort of speaks for itself. Watch as the stupidity and/or lack of driver skills crescendo from one video to the next (No. 4 is particularly fascinating), until you reach No. 1.

A related damning study this week, conducted by the University of California, connects insufferable driving habits to luxury cars. Researchers watched a four-way intersection and recorded how likely cars were to cut in front of others. They found that drivers with newer luxury vehicles were more likely to both ignore pedestrians and cut ahead in the four-way rotation.

“You see this huge boost in a driver’s likelihood to commit infractions in more expensive cars,” researcher Paul K. Piff told The New York Times. He added that not only were “fancy cars were less likely to stop for pedestrians,” but also that “BMW drivers were the worst.”

Watch where you’re going!

You don’t have to be travelling at a high rate of speed to have a crash while driving. Some of the most common crashes happen at slow speeds in parking lots. Take this Russian video where the driver was clearly distracted by something and drove over to the side of the road and into some sort of steel contraption. That impact caused what racers would call a slow roll, gently tipping the car onto its roof. Dumb.

Onboard a TVR Griffith at speed

As much as I love modern racing cars, I would far rather spend my time surrounded by vintage racing cars than new ones. They just have so much personality and are absolutely dripping with cool. In some series, the owners actually race their cars just as hard as they did when the cars were new.

In this clip, we ride along with British driver Sean McInerney in a TVR Griffith at this year’s Gentlemen Drivers race at the Nurburgring. Things get interesting right off the green flag, as the driver of the lightweight Jag you see above makes a silly move while braking for the first turn and gets bunted by McIrnerny. The list of cars in this field is incredible. If the TVR and the E-Type aren’t special enough for you, there is a Porsche 904 and a Ferrari that looks like it may be an LM 250. I could watch this stuff all day!

I think some of these guys need to be reminded that their cars have mirrors.

Crushing cars with a tank is a new Guinness record thing?

This Polish video is said to be of a Guinness World Record setting event. While I can’t find anything to back that up, it is pretty cool seeing a rare Eighties era T-55 AM ‘Merida’ tank destroy 22 cars.

Russia challenges U.S. to Tank Biathlon

The cold war era is gone and Russia and the United States are supposed to be buddies now and like any friendship, a bit of friendly competition is considered healthy. So, what type of competition could they have? Well, the Olympics are already in the works so sports is out. They can’t battle it out with their old missile inventory (you know, the ones they supposedly have dismantled), so why not duke it out in a display of tank driving skills?

The Russian military has already organized one Tank Biathlon, using T-72 tanks over a 20 km course, blowing up targets along the way. There is no word yet as to whether the U.S. Military has chosen to participate or not.

I have a suggestion if they do. They should paint rainbow flags on the American tanks to protest the Russian government’s new anti-gay laws.

  • Insider Report: Drivers who make it easy to mock BMW
  • Insider Report: Drivers who make it easy to mock BMW
  • Insider Report: Drivers who make it easy to mock BMW
  • Insider Report: Drivers who make it easy to mock BMW
  • Insider Report: Drivers who make it easy to mock BMW

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