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Insider Report: Watch the world's fastest street car

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Over at Car Guy Chronicles, Martyn Schorr has a story about a man and his mean Ford GT. Johnny Bohmer’s street legal, 2006 Ford GT is about as mean as they come, boasting 1,800 horsepower from its twin turbo V-8. Mean enough that it has a potential top speed of 550 km/h!

Not content to let the Bugatti Veyron be the fastest street legal car, Bohmer took his modified GT to the Kennedy Space Center for an attempt to break the existing record. On the Space Shuttle runway, the BADD GT covered the standing mile (1.6 km) in just 21 seconds at a record speed of 283.232 mph (or 453 km/h for you metric sticklers). As if that wasn’t fast enough, Bohmer wants to break 300 mph (482.8 km/h), so he’s heading back for another run in the Spring.

The fastest I have driven is about 275 km/h, on the oval at Pocono Raceway and I can tell you that is insanely fast. I can’t even imagine how fast 450 km/h plus must feel!

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BMW releases road going replica of Canadian DTM Champion’s race car

Having been away from the super competitive DTM series for 19 years, BMW contracted Canadian driver Bruno Spengler to pilot their entry into the 2012 season. The German manufacturer’s good thinking was rewarded when Spengler won the 2012 Championship. Now, to reward the brand’s loyal (and well heeled) fans, BMW has launched a limited edition road going version of Spengler’s race car.

The Matte Black M3 DTM Champion Edition, features copious amounts of carbon fibre along with some not so subtle M styled striping. Spengler fans will be happy with the Canadian flag and Bruno’s name on the quarter windows along with door sills that are painted to match the driver’s helmet.

At the Montreal Auto Show, Spengler told friend of, Russ Bond, that just one of these machines is coming to a lucky Canadian owner.

If you have never seen a DTM race, check out this compilation of Bruno Spengler in action.

2012 Canadian Rally Championship in review

As the Canadian rally community gets ready to brace the cold at the first rally of 2013 in just a couple of weeks, the folks at CRCTV have launched their 2012 season in review video on TSN. That means I also get to share it here with visitors. The well produced show covers each of the season’s events including the highs and some pretty spectacular lows. In between are some candid conversations with competitors like Crazy Leo Urlichich, Pat Richard and 2012 Canadian Rally Champion Antoine L’Estage.

If you look closely during the Tall Pines coverage, you might even catch a glimpse of yours truly.

Michael Waltrip invites race fans to meet him at 2013 Canadian Motorsports Expo

Wheels Editor Norris McDonald wrote a couple of days ago that NASCAR star Michael Waltrip will be at the Canadian Motorsports Expo next month. The folks at Inside Track, who promote the show, shot a welcome video from Waltrip, inviting Toronto area race fans to come to the CME to say hi and get the driver’s autograph. The show, which runs from February 8-10 at the International Centre is just a week before Waltrip will get behind the wheel at the Daytona 500.

If all goes as planned, I’ll be spending some time with Waltrip next weekend during the Rolex 24 at Daytona. The nicest guy in NASCAR will be trying his hand at road racing, as part of the driver line-up in the AF-Waltrip Racing Ferrari 458 Italia.

Good Vibrations GRAND-AM style

I have long said that the best part of the car hobby, and by extension, car racing, is the people involved. Car people love to have fun. Even though they have a lot on their plates with marketing efforts away from the track, racers tend to have a lot of time on their hands. This extra time has to be the only explanation for the following video.

The Cast:
Jordan Taylor, Corvette Racing
Spencer Pigot, Speedsource Mazda6
Mark Jensen, I can’t figure out what he’s driving this year
Ricky Taylor, Spirit of Daytona Corvette DP

The video: a bunch of racers geeking out to Marky Mark’s Good Vibrations.

I’m headed to Daytona for the first time on Thursday and this has me wondering what in the world I am setting myself up for!

  • Insider Report: Watch the world's fastest street car

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