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Insider Report: Watch Jean-Claude Van Damme defy the laws of everything

Clearly, this man is not made of the same muscles as the rest of us.

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Jean-Claude Van Damme splits two Volvo trucks

I don’t even know where to start with this one. We have all seen someone try to back up a tractor trailer and make a mess of it. Obviously the folks at Volvo Trucks have seen that too, so they have developed a technology called Volvo Dynamic Steering. That was amazing enough.

But then they took it to the next level with this let’s-defy-the-laws-of-physics marketing idea: let’s get martial arts maestro Jean-Claude Van Damme, 53, to demonstrate the technology by standing on the mirrors of a pair of trucks. While they are moving. In reverse!

Clearly, this man is not made of the same muscles as the rest of us.


Watch a Ferrari owner attempt to thread the needle in Greece
Despite the arrogance of the wealthy, there are some places where cars just don’t belong. Just ask the owner of this guy, who decided to take his Ferrari F430 on vacation with him in Greece. In the Pindus mountains of Greece, there is a collection of 45 medieval villages known as Zagorohoria. These villages are connected by a series of stone roads, likely originally built for cart and human traffic. These narrow paths can easily be navigated by tiny subcompacts like say, a MINI or Smart car, but are certainly no place for a wide sports car like a Ferrari.


It took 20 minutes for this guy to navigate just 100 metres, although the sides of the prancing pony were unscathed. The cooling system took a beating however as the engine bay is clearly billowing steam or smoke of some sort once the car reached the parking area.


Flogging a classic Ferrari in style
While the guy above clearly wasn’t thinking, at least he drives his Ferrari, which is more than can be said about many Ferrari owners. That’s why the gang from Tax The Rich are so much fun to watch. They take cars that are worth unspeakable amounts of money and run them hard, just like they were intended to be driven. Well, not always as I’m pretty sure that Ferrari had no intention of their cars being used for a tug of war.


TTR’s latest video features a Ferrari 288 GTO. The car was originally designed as a competitor in Group B rally, but that class was brought to an end due to its propensity for killing people. That left Ferrari with a couple of hundred homologation specials which were sold to the public. They are ultra rare and ultra expensive. I doubt that many are driven hard, let alone thrashed Ken Block style. This is one serious bit of exotic car porn.


Ride along in a McLaren M8F at Hampton Downs

Regular readers know that I have a serious love of vintage racing. Few classes are as exciting as the big sports racing cars, otherwise known as the Can Am cars. Thundering great monsters that are capable of speed well in excess of 300 km/h in the right setting. In this video, we ride along with Tony Roberts in a 850 horsepower McLaren M8F at Hampton Downs in New Zealand. The first four minutes are warm up laps, but then the green flag drops and Roberts puts the hammer down. This car is simply incredible.


15 Seconds With: 2013 Nissan Juke NISMO

With the addition of stiffer springs and quicker steering, the Juke NISMO handles like a go kart. Not surprisingly, it also rides like one. That’s ok though, because it is just so nimble and fun to drive on the twisty bits.

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