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Insider Report: Sochi bear's big head can't fit in a car

Watch as the poor creature repeatedly tries to maneuver his furry noggin into a car

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An Olympic village is a pretty big place, so when the mascot needs to move from one site to another, some sort of mobility is required. We’ve seen all sorts of crazy things coming out of Sochi, so it isn’t surprising to learn that the handlers of the mascot haven’t quite figured out how to move him. He might be cute, but it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that big-headed bear isn’t going to fit into a car. Watch as the poor creature repeatedly tries to maneuver his furry noggin into a car, assisted by well-meaning fans who seem to think if you just PUSH HARD ENOUGH, it’ll be fine.

Somebody get that bear a Segway!

What’s worse, the snow, or the snowplow?

Like many parts of the continent this winter, the Big Apple has been having its challenges moving the mountains of snow that have been dropped on the city. That has led overzealous snow plow drivers to wreak havoc on locals. Some, like the guy who was wiped out in front of a Brooklyn car dealership have been somewhat humourous. Tragically, some incidents are no laughing matter, such as the pregnant woman who was killed when she was hit by a plow. Her baby, delivered by C-Section, was critically injured also.

The latest video comes from the Exo Cafe, where diners were enjoying a late night nosh when a wall of snow burst through the cafe’s front windows. Several patrons were injured by flying glass.

New York needs to put a leash on its snow removal staff and contractors.

Motor bike stunt garners the attention of unexpected neighbour
Guys doing motorcycle stunts are pretty much guaranteed to elicit a “Get off of my lawn” from someone and not just the grumpy geezer next door. The guy doing silly donuts in the video below generates interest from a surprising source. Run Forrest, Run!

Drifting a truck like a boss
This video comes via Detroit Diesel’s YouTube page, where they claim the video is of a Russian truck driver. Several comments say it is from Norway. Regardless of where it was filmed, this guy is clearly a master of driving trucks in the Winter!

Ice racers bumping and banging in Minden
Have you ever driven bumper cars? If so, you have a concept of what ice racing can be like. The difference is that there are similar rules to other types of racing. Contact, beyond the unavoidable, incidental type is not allowed. Sure, a certain amount of rubbin’ is expected given the slippery track surface, but any sort of retaliation is strictly verboten.

The video below, shot last weekend in Minden, will give you a good idea of what both types of contact look like! I’ll give you a hint: Both types look like a lot of fun!

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