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Insider Report: Watch a tow truck driver chase his machine

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Remember that towing mishap I showed you in yesterday’s Insider Report? Well, it would seem that those guys weren’t the only ones who forgot to engage their parking brake while loading. Today’s video shows the driver of a flat bed tow truck who is having some challenges. I kind of wish this video had started a few minutes earlier, as I would like to see how we get to the starting point. The driver is in the cab of his truck, while his bed is tilted and the SUV he is loading appears to be half on the bed. Either that, or it is half off – it’s hard to tell. Either way, our hapless operator soon finds himself dealing with a runaway.

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2014 Corvette Trailer 4: CREATION

With the public reveal of the much anticipated C7 Corvette coming on Sunday evening at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the marketing folks at Chevy are working to build more last-minute buzz. They have just released another video in the Corvette series called CREATION.

Like the rest of the video, there really isn’t much of the car to be seen in this clip other than a front on view that shows the windshield and roof line as the engine is being lifted into place in a car on the line.

Be sure to check on Sunday evening when Jim Kenzie will be live blogging the reveal.

Vintage dash camera: Scarab race car in 1963

In the early decades of racing, many racing enthusiasts built their own racing “specials”, often using existing sports cars that originally came with four cylinder engines and replaced them with more powerful V8 engines. Some of them even became pretty successful and took on the major manufacturers. The most recognizable name to the general public these days was Carroll Shelby, who pretty much became a household name through his success. Another semi successful builder was a guy named Lance Reventlow, who built a series of cars called the Scarab. While the Reventlow name may not mean much to those outside the racing world now, but his family owned the massive Woolworths retail chain.

I just came across this great on-board video of sports car racing legend Augie Pabst in the Meister Brauser Scarab lapping at Continental Divide Raceway in Colorado in 1963. Perhaps even more incredible is that even now in his ’70s, Pabst is still racing cars, including the very same Scarab!

SCARAB RACE CAR, (IN CAR) at Contenental Divide Raceway, from Amélie on Vimeo.

Inside the Bruce Meyer car collection with Adam Carolla

Every now and then I come across a garage tour video like the one I shared recently of Craig Jackson’s collection. As impressive as many of them are, some stand head and shoulders above the rest. Bruce Meyer’s collection in Beverly Hills is one of those. The former Chairman of the Peterson Automobile Museum’s collection is smaller than some, but it is the significance of some of the cars that makes it special. How special? To give you an idea, one of his Shelby Cobras bears serial number CSX 2001. That is the very first production Cobra. Beside it sits a Ferrari that won its class in the 1961 Le Mans 24 hour race. Up next is Briggs Cunningham’s Le Mans Corvette. He has the Porsche 935 that won overall at Le Mans in 1979. Not special enough for you? How about a Ferrari Testa Rossa that was driven by Richie Ginther, or the So-Cal Speed Shop belly tanker that raced at Bonneville. This forty minute video is full of great history and some magnificent cars.

Teaser: New Mitsubishi making North American debut in Montreal

Mitsubishi’s newest model, the Mirage, will debut to the public for the first time in North America on January 17 at the Montreal Auto Show. The diminutive four door hatch is roughly the same size as a Chevrolet Spark, which will likely be its primary competitor in the microcar segment.

  • Insider Report: Watch a tow truck driver chase his machine

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