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Insider Report: Watch a Russian tank have troubles in town

  • The beginning of morning rush hour, cars on the highway traveling to and from downtown

Regular readers of the Insider Report have seen evidence that tanks are not the easiest machines to drive in the past. Bearing that in mind, you would think the Russian military might want to ensure that their people actually are able to navigate a turn in one. This video from the city of Ryazan, near Moscow, shows what happens when a tank doesn’t quite make it through an intersection.

As inept as the tank driver appears to be, a comment has to be made about the strength of the light pole. It withstood a full on hit from a tank! You would not want to hit one of those poles in a Lada Classic.

Nissan 370Z crash compilation from GT Academy
Last year, Nissan held a very adventurous contest. They invited the winners of a Grand Tourismo 5 video game “tournament” to a real race track, to learn how to drive real cars. The winner of that contest was then invited to actually race in a real 24 hour race. Said winner has actually turned out to be a pretty decent driver and has continued to race from what I have read. As the old saying goes though, to make an omelette, you must break a few eggs. In Nissan’s case, those eggs were 370Z race cars. They have released a quick video compilation of two separate crashes, from a bunch of different angles.

When people ask what the difference is between a video game and driving a real car, show them this video!

Canadian racers working the promo machine
There has been a lot of discussion lately around some of the virtual water coolers I frequent about motorsports sponsorship or the lack of it. It should seem like basic common sense these days that the “I want to go racing, will you give me money?” approach does not work. Whether you are going racing or bass fishing, corporate partnerships are all about what you can provide the potential partner, not how badly you want to race tricycles. Fortunately, we live in a time where a smart business guy who knows how to use modern media channels ( Hinchtown anyone? ) can expose their (and their partner’s) brands to potentially millions of viewers with just a bit of thought and some creativity. While many racers still don’t get this concept, a few Canadians do an exceptional job.

Barrie, Ont., sports car racer Kyle Marcelli has taken more than a few pages from Hinchcliffe’s playbook and has been using social media platforms to his benefit for the past few years. Perhaps most important these days is his growing YouTube presence. His first video of the season includes one of his sponsors, Martin Barkey, CEO of MBRP Performance Exhaust as they talk trackside at the 12 hours of Sebring.

Another young Canadian driver who is using the interwebs to make his presence known is Brockville, Ont., drifter Mats Baribeau. Drifting lends itself perfectly to online media, so Baribeau has partnered with King And Crown Media to create a series of videos following him as he breaks into the professional ranks of Formula Drift.

Focus On The Moment – Mats Baribeau from King and Crown Media on Vimeo.

Modern Hot Rodding: Audi S4 vs. RS4
There was a time when making performance modifications to a car meant getting dirty. Exhaust headers, bigger carburetors, camshafts and all sorts of other goodies could be changed by a couple of gearheads in the driveway. It was good fun and in hindsight, maybe even a bonding experience. With the advent of fuel injection, sophisticated onboard computers and variable cam timing, the laptop has become mightier than the bumpystick.

Yesterday, my friends at Drive on YouTube released their latest video featuring British car guy, Chris Harris. In the video, Harris uses his smelly new/used Audi S4 to show just how easy modern hot rodding can be. I’ll give you a hint: adding over 100 horsepower takes all of 5 seconds.

  • Insider Report: Watch a Russian tank have troubles in town
  • Insider Report: Watch a Russian tank have troubles in town
  • Insider Report: Watch a Russian tank have troubles in town
  • Insider Report: Watch a Russian tank have troubles in town

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