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Insider Report: Watch a Honda suffer a low speed roll over

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We’ve all seen what happens when a pair of open wheel racers get close enough to touch tires. Inevitably, one of them goes skyward. Even though the odds of it happening are very small, the same can happen with cars with closed fenders. Somehow the driver of this white Honda Civic managed to perfectly line up his left front tire with the right rear of an unsuspecting Chevy Cruze driver. That small connection was enough to slowly roll the Civic over onto its roof.

The absolutely amazing thing is the reaction of people after the incident. Other motorists, including a taxi driver, just thread their way around the upside down car and motor on their merry way. Even the driver of the camera car looks like he had no intention of stopping if it weren’t for the pedestrians crossing the street. The Cruze driver gets out of his car and begins to move towards the Honda before turning back to get his shopping bag out of his car. Just plain old weird.

Ford Mustang Cobra hooks up hard and does a huge wheelie

Getting a drag car off the line fast is a delicate balance between too much throttle and not enough, which translates to spinning the tires or allowing them to keep traction on the pavement. Get it right and the car will launch, maybe lifting the front wheels a few centimetres off the ground. Too much throttle and the tires will break loose and turn into a big smoky burnout. Spectacular for sure, but slow. Not enough throttle though and the tires will bite hard, causing the front end to head for the sky.

During qualifying for the the Gateway Drags IV at Gateway Motorsports Park in Madison, Ill., Chris Holbrook got it wrong in his Ford Mustang Cobrajet. The ADRL Supercar Showdown competitor pulls a massive wheel stand and then crosses over into the other lane, which fortunately was empty. ADRL had cameras all over the place, meaning that there is some epic video from all different angles!

Polish drifting is an accident waiting to happen

Sometimes, people just have to learn the hard way. Back in 1986, three spectators were killed and dozens injured at the Rally de Portugal when Joaquim Santos, driving a Ford RS200 Group B car, swerved to miss spectators who were standing on the road. This put him off the road into a wall of spectators who were right by the side of the stage road. If the video below is any indication, the drifting community in Poland is going to have the same problem unless they start doing a better job of controlling crowds.

The worst offender in this video is the photographer who is right on the road. As I’ve mentioned before, this carelessness drives me absolutely nuts.

Hot Rod interviews “Big Daddy” Don Garlits

“When they gave me two itty-bitty trophies for low e.t and top speed of the day, I threw them down on the ground, busting them all up. For Sunday night’s trophy presentation, they glued them together and gave them back, along with a bigger one for top time of Speed Week, 161 ‘n’ change. I still have them.”

Somehow I don’t think many participants in import drag racing know the name BiG Daddy, but the man is a legend. A true original. Head over to Hot Rod to learn a bit about the history of drag racing from one of the greatest racers there ever was.

Canadian Motor Speedway still awaiting go ahead from OMB

I am asked frequently about the status of “that new track in Niagara” and rarely do I have any answers. Apparently, neither do the folks at the track themselves, as they are still waiting for the Ontario Municipal Board to do their thing. CMS Chief Development Officer Azhar Mohammad posted this brief statement on the project’s Facebook page yesterday.

Hey CMS fans, we still await the final decision from the OMB. We have been receiving thousands of emails as to why we have not started. The reality is that the OMB operates on its own timeline which no one can predict, influence, or fast track. We ask all of you to hang in there, we are hopeful a decision will be issued in the coming weeks. Also note, our website is waiting for this decision before updating the site. Clearly a positive response will trigger many activities for the development as we move ahead.

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