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Insider Report: Watch a BMW driver tiptoe down steps of Philly museum

Watch a BMW driver tiptoe down the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art

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There was a time when it wasn’t too uncommon for a gang of pranksters to carry an unsuspecting buddy’s car up a flight of stairs or onto a football field. When I first saw this video from the front steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, I suspected that is what happened. The suspect is an 80’s era BMW 3 series drop-top that is carefully being driven down the steps that Sylvester Stallone made famous in Rocky.

Reading through the YouTube comments, the real story is more of a typical old car owner’s fright show. The aging Beemer’s parking brake does not work and the poor guy had to chase down the car to hop in and prevent it from destroying itself on the stairs.


Pure Sound: Meet a Nissan Patrol with the heart of Godzilla

Philly museum
The Patrol is an SUV that Nissan builds for just about every market except for North America, which is a shame, because it has won legions of fans across the globe over the years. Like any other enthusiast fave, the Patrol is often modified to suit the tastes and needs of the owner. I doubt that too many have received a transplant like the truck in the video below. This Patrol has had a six cylinder RB25DET under the hood. This powerplant is what motivated the Nissan Skyline to legendary status. In this four wheeler, it sounds simply evil.


Tooned 50: Ayrton Senna

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I just love the whole Tooned 50 series that McLaren has commissioned to celebrate the team’s 50th anniversary. The latest episode features the late, great Ayrton Senna. Rather than poke fun at the often talked about rivalry between Senna and Alain Prost, this episode pokes fun at another team rivalry.


Wheels Editor takes on TestFest

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Once judged testing finished up at TestFest last week, non-voting AJAC members descended upon the Legends of Niagara course for open testing, including Wheels Editor, Norris McDonald. Our big-boss-man used his day to get behind the wheel of some pickup trucks, as he doesn’t often get to check out the big boys.


Launching a Jaguar F-Type

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As a TestFest Director, I spent most of my week in Niagara smoothing out minor wrinkles and helping the team make things work rather than actually driving. I was rather happy then, that my Friday duties entailed giving volunteers rides in a trio of fantastic sports car category contenders, the Stingray, Cayman and F-Type. This might have been one of my best ever days at the office! Check out the sound of the F-Type!

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