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Insider Report: Watch VW driver
mime plea for anger management

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There is no lead-up footage in this video to confirm what happens in the beginning, but one thing is clear: the VW driver needs some anger management classes. The rider is YouTube poster h4mstaboy, who was out for a ride on his Ducati Monster S2R 800, with a friend on another Duck. It sounds like maybe the VW driver misunderstood what the rider’s intentions were. I’ll let h4mstaboy tell his side of the story and then you can watch the video yourself.

“To those that are asking, I did go back to the police with a formal complaint and the will to prosecute the attacker. Inkedbeast76 helped me tremendously with this effort by guiding me through the whole process. I am forever grateful for such help, especially for someone to help a stranger from YouTube! Everything is in order and I have ID’d the attacker and now it’s just a matter of waiting for the results or the call from the PD.

Just for everyone to know: I was NOT trying to race him, and I know the video makes it seem so. But I just wanted to pass him since I noticed he kept staying right next to me. I accelerated a bit to pass him but slowed down when I noticed I was approaching speed limit as well as a yellow light. The guy, for some odd reason, cut right behind me when I passed him, cutting off my friend and tailing me very closely (according to my friend). I didn’t notice him behind me since he did it so abruptly, I assume he either got pissed that he thought I was trying to race him? Or that I purposely brake checked him? I was about to tell him that my intention wasn’t was to race him but he got all macho on me.

And for those that are wondering. YES I took his little slap to the head. No harm done. I’m not an aggressive guy, I assumed this was another typical road rage, let the guy do his little act and be on with it. Of course I wanted to punch him but that would’ve made matters worse with all the people watching. If he had tried to take another swing at me then I would’ve gotten off to defend myself, but 1 little slap was no big deal.”

Pole Dance With Russ
It can be a little bit disturbing hearing your buddies talk about that time they were pole dancing together. When it is guys like Danny Bailey and Russ Bond from Motoring TV though, you can be sure there was a car of some sort and lots of smoke. You would be correct.

In another case of Do not try this at home, Danny is caught on camera, shooting video as Russ does smoke doughnuts around him in a Hyundai Genesis Coupe. This is all good fun and pretty cool to watch, but I’ll say it again, do not try this at home. These guys may not always behave like it, but they are pros when it comes to this stuff.

Drifting a Mustang GT in the GTA
The Genesis Coupe isn’t the only car produced these days that is a serious drifter right off the showroom floor. The iconic Ford Mustang GT is more than willing to create a bit of smoke itself. The folks at Colony Ford Lincoln and TireWorld Brampton took a pony car from the dealer’s inventory for a bit of a spin at a recent autocross event at the Powerade Centre. Remember, this is being done under controlled conditions in a closed lot. Do not even think of smoking out your neighbourhood!

FormulaD Road Atlanta Track Overview
In keeping with the smoking Mustang theme, the folks at Ford have provided an overview of the FormulaD track at Road Atlanta through the eyes of Falken Tire Mustang driver Justin ‘JTP’ Pawlak prior to Saturday’s event at the exciting venue.

If the overhead videos look familiar, that is because they were shot by Matt Johnston, who also did the aerial footage at the Rally of the Tall Pines last Fall.

FormulaD celebrates 10th anniversary at Long Beach
My friends at Autobytel south of the border, also have been spending time with the drift community lately. In this video, they speak with FormulaD co-founder, Ryan Sage, about the history of the series and the sport.

  • Insider Report: Watch VW driver <br>mime plea for anger management
  • Insider Report: Watch VW driver <br>mime plea for anger management
  • Insider Report: Watch VW driver <br>mime plea for anger management
  • Insider Report: Watch VW driver <br>mime plea for anger management
  • Insider Report: Watch VW driver <br>mime plea for anger management

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