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Insider Report: Used car dealer punches TV reporter in the face

Despite the fact that there are many talented, hard working people in the retail side of the car industry, car dealers continue to have a less-than-positive reputation in society. There are many reasons for this, but a big part is the existence of sleazeballs like the guy in the video below.

CBS Atlanta news reporter Jeff Chirico was investigating claims that a used car dealer who had been charged with stealing customer’s tax refunds. The story was that 43-year-old Richard Wilder had been arrested and charged in Braselton, and yet had opened another dealership in Gainesville just two weeks later. Wilder had been charged with a number of fraud acts in both 2009 and 2010. Needless to say, the courts had ordered him to stop selling used cars.

Chirico visited Wilder’s business, accompanied by a camera man, when he encountered another gentleman who identified himself as Donald Wilder. This older Wilder is the used car dealer’s father and he was none too happy about having a reporter asking him questions about his business. His answer? He punched Chirico in the face, with the camera rolling.

There is no word yet as to whether charges have been laid.

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Ferrari 458 Italia: One model, two ways

There was a time when Ferrari built beautiful, fast cars that were less than reliable when driven hard. Today’s Ferraris, however, are gorgeous, fast and reliable enough to be used as a daily driver or beaten on. Just ask the folks at AIM Autosport just how reliable these machines are.

The company is also notoriously unforgiving of media snubs, which means when British auto journo Chris Harris slags them, they get banned from ever driving a prancing pony. This power goes beyond the individual in question, as any dealer or even owner who allows said media type to get behind the wheel of one of their cars is likely to receive a stern talking to at the very least. In other words, no Ferrari for you Mister Harris.

So, to get Mister Harris behind the wheel of a 458 Italia, my friends at Drive had to resort to cooking up a story about a “stolen” Ferrari and keep the owner of the car he drives a secret. As is typical of any of Drive’s videos, the visuals are stunning and the sound of the Ferrari is nothing short of epic.

At the other end of the spectrum is a 458 Italia Coupe owner who is lucky enough to take his machine for a walloping good romp at the legendary Monza circuit in Italy. The in-car sound is not quite as stunning as the out-of-car sound from Harris’s playtime, but there is lots of drifting fun and if you look closely, you will see 295 km/h on the speedo!

And now something for you Porsche fans

The Ferrari 458 Italia may be a machine that many lust for (and for good reason) but Porsche’s iconic 911 is still the go-to machine for a good many racers. Fast, bulletproof and oozing history (not that the 458 doesn’t) the 911 is perhaps a more rational decision for many buyers. One of the craziest things about the 911 is its ability to do just about everything well, from dropping junior off at school to racing at Daytona and even rallying. The 911 does it all. In case you weren’t sure about that last bit, check out this half hour video of rally driver Ruben Zeltner beating the tar out of his 911 GT3.

Be sure to clear the room and turn the volume way up, because this thing sounds evil!

Watch the 2014 Corvette Stingray in motion

Since the curtains dropped on the C7 Corvette last month in Detroit, fans have been ogling images on the web and in print, soaking it all in. It wasn’t long before YouTubers started posting videos of the new Stingray on the road. Chevy has to keep pace, so they have released their own video of the C7 on the track. Not much meat in this video, but it still is pretty cool to look at.

  • Insider Report: Used car dealer punches TV reporter in the face

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