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Insider Report: Truck driver makes a mess of his Monday

Tennessee semi driver makes a mess of his Monday

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Washburn, Tennessee resident Travis Hamic was on his way to work on Monday, when he found his path blocked by a USA Truck driver who had wisely noticed that his rig was too tall for an upcoming bridge. The driver, not wanting to damage his truck, attempts to turn around. This maneuver was clearly outside of his skill set and he ends up doing substantial damage to the truck and trailer.

When the driver gets out of the truck at 1:48, his head in hands look says it all. Yes, you have lost your job.


Watch Bigfoot race a jet dragster
“Real” car guys and girls aren’t supposed to like monster trucks. They are considered too low-brow for most of the road racing set, but the NASCAR crowd is just fine with them. I must admit that the screaming beasts are a bit of a guilty pleasure for me and I have always jumped at the chance to see them in person. I remember seeing them at the Skydome and Copps Coliseum way back when. I was even there when an out of control monster climbed the stands at the dome. Great fun!

What could be better then, than pitting the original monster truck, Bigfoot against a jet dragster. Want to make it even better? Just host the battle in Las Vegas! I have to say that I would have loved to be on hand to witness this one. Don’t forget the ear plugs!


Meet the Higher Education COOL BUS
The related videos feature of YouTube often sends me off in different directions, wasting a good portion of my day watching all manner of stuff. When the video above finished up, I noticed a link to this video of a monster truck school bus, called Higher Education. I couldn’t help myself.

Truck driver

You have to know that there were tons of kids on hand to watch this special bus do its freestyle routine at New Brunswick’s Shediac Centre for Speed. The next time each and every one of those kids got on a school bus, they had to be begging the driver to crush a car or jump the bus.


Is this the worst parking job of the year?

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Thanks to the widespread arrogance of humans, we have all seen ignorant parking jobs. The internet makes it easy to share the results of self centered or just skill-free drivers, but Frank Grimes over at Jalopnik has just come across what might just be the grandest display of stupid that I have ever seen. I mean really, when is it ever a good idea to park on a helipad?


15 Seconds With: 2014 Range Rover

Truck driver
The back seats of most cars, SUVs and even minivans are designed around smaller type humans, not big guys like me. As a result, I rarely ride in the back. When I was on the launch of the new Range Rover last year in Morocco however, I jumped in the back seat of one to get out of the torrential rain. I found that it was more than roomy, it was actually comfortable for us Fred Flintstone wannabes. Add in individual climate controls in the aft cabin along with heated AND cooled rear seats, and the Rangie delivers.

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