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Insider Report: Traffic Therapy

Mythbusters dump truck plows through traffic like butter

  • Mythbusters snow plow

Have you ever sat in parked traffic and wondered just how cool it would be to mount one of those railroad style cow catcher/plow blades on the front of your car and just truck right on through all of those stopped cars? Mythbusters has and instead of just dreaming it, they set out to see if it would work.

The television show team mounted a “duck bill” to the front of a dump truck and then lined up two rows of beater cars to simulate traffic. AT 60km/h the results are mind blowing to watch.


Race Car driver father takes 16 year old son with Down Syndrome for a spin around the track
Riding in a rally car for the first time can be an exhilarating experience with the addition of heat, noise, smells and vibration just to round out the sensation. British rally driver John Stone decided that his 16 year old son Alex, who has Downs Syndrome, should have the thrill of his life, so he arranged to have Alex strap in at the recent Roskirk Trophy Rally. Organized by the Blackpool South Shore Motor Club was held on a local race track.

You can hear the excitement in the younger Stone’s voice as the car carves through tight turns and high speed sections.

Crazy Leo learns to drive front wheel drive rally car prior to WRC contest
A few weeks ago we learned that Canadian rally star Leo “Crazy Leo” Urlichich would be discontinuing his Canadian rally efforts to pursue his dream of racing in the World Rally Championship. Leo has been accepted as part of a driver search competition being held by tire company DMACK. Urlichich and his competitors with rally in actual WRC events, at the wheel of Ford Fiesta rally cars. The Fiesta, which is slower than Crazy Leo’s usual all wheel drive, open class Subaru, will require a totally different driving style than what the driver is accustomed to. To get a head start, Urlichich went south to visit the O’Neill Rally School, where he got some quality instruction in similar cars to what he will drive in Europe.

The Mayor of Hinchtown introduces the 2015 Honda Fit to Canadians
One of the highlights of this year’s Canadian International Autoshow was the news that Honda Canada has partnered with Indycar star James Hinchcliffe to do a bit of promotion for the brand over the coming year. Known as the Mayor of Hinchtown, the Oakville, Ontario born driver will be at a variety of events including the Canadian launch of the 2015 Honda Fit.

I might even have a little cameo in this one.

HANS vs No HANS – real time crash action video
This one is for any racers who read the Insider Report along with race fans who have seen the term HANS device and aren’t sure exactly what it does. Developed following the death of NASCAR legend Dale Earnhardt, the Head And Neck Support Device is designed to distribute the loads on the wearer’s neck and skull in a collision. They have proven to be very effective and are considered to have saved lives, but all the research and statistics in the world are nothing for us visual learners, so this recent rally incident is a great educational tool.

Watch this onboard footage as a rally car leaves the road at a fairly low rate of speed, before dropping into a ditch nose first. The driver is not wearing a HANS, while the co-driver is. The difference in the range of motion between the pair is staggering. One can easily see how a simple crash like this can cause a spinal injury that is prevented by the HANS.

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