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Insider Report: Ticked-off driver pays ticket with bag of coins

Aussie driver pays parking ticket with a bag of coins
Everybody hates parking tickets but most of us just grumble and then pay the fine. An Australian man, unhappy about his $60 parking ticket, decided to make a statement rather than just keeping quiet and moving on. The gent went to the bank and requested $60 in nickles and dimes, emptying the packages into a cloth sack. Then, he visited the Adelaide City Council office, asked the clerk if they accept cash and then deposited the contents of his bag on the counter. Ever polite, the young lady is not planning to accept a pile of coins and our hero had no intention of leaving with the coins. Of course he wore a camera so he could share it with the world!

/Big Muscle: The Original Sting Ray
Thanks to my second career as an automotive writer, I am super fortunate to have the opportunity to drive some pretty incredible cars in some unimaginable locations. That being the case, it would hardly be cool of me to be jealous of someone else’s driving experiences and usually I’m not. The lone exception is Mike Musto. Mike is the host of a show called Big Muscle and every week he is out on the road driving the most insane machines for us to see. It just isn’t fair that one guy gets to drive all of these cool cars!

I have never been a Corvette fanatic, but this week Musto drives a ’65 Stingray that belongs to Brian Hobaugh. This car has been in the family for thirty years and not a year has gone by that this beast hasn’t seen time on an autocross course. Hobaugh’s Vette might just be the coolest Corvette of all time.

Angry BMW owner destroys his M6 outside Frankfurt auto show
No car is perfect. Even among good models, you can come across the occasional one that seems to have more than its fair share of problems. Sometimes the problem is the car itself, while other times it is a problem with communication or skill at the dealership. Sometimes, and I know most people don’t ever believe it, the problem is the consumer. The person with unrealistic expectations of what a particular car is capable of. Sometimes their car is out of warranty and they aren’t willing or able to accept that reality. Sometimes there is a normal part of a car that a consumer does not like, even though there is nothing actually wrong. Sometimes, you get a perfect storm of a problem car, a problem customer and a few communication problems at the dealer or customer relations department that causes the consumer to start doing irrational things, like driving around with signs on their cars or holding a sit in on a dealership’s front lawn. Sometimes, you get consumers who flip out, like this BMW customer.

Iranian-born Pourmohseni Hadi bought a BMW M6 in Italy, where he lives, in 2008 and immediately began complaining about a vibration and shake when the SMG transmission shifted. He was told by BMW Italy that the vehicle was normal. Communications went back and forth between Hadi and BMW, with Hadi eventually taking BMW to court. Even though BMW assured the court that the transmission was shifting normally, the court made the dealer replace the clutch and flywheel. Of course this did not change the vehicle, as it was normal. Now, Hadi has decided to attempt to publicly embarrass the automaker in front of the world’s largest auto show by destroying the car with an axe and a sledgehammer.

If you ask me, all he has done is prove that he is a bad consumer and more than a little bit irrational.

James Hunt and The Punch
I would be surprised if I haven’t shared this video before, but with all the buzz surrounding the upcoming opening of Ron Howard’s RUSH, it must be shared again. During the 1977 Canadian Grand Prix at Mosport, James Hunt had been battling with Jochen Mass, with both cars making contact several times. In the end, Hunt ended up crashing out of the race at turn 4. Upon exiting the car, he looks to be a bit rattled and proceeds to take a swing at a corner worker named Ernie Strong. He connects and Strong ends up on his behind. Afterwards, it seems that Hunt regains his wits and he appears to apologize.

A few years ago, Strong told me by email that Hunt gave him a “Sorry, old man” but that Ron Dennis did visit him in race medical to apologize while he his split lip was being patched up. Also, Hunt’s brother who was also his manager, sent a letter of apology.

15 Seconds With: 2014 Range Rover Sport
One of the challenges that many people have with off road capable SUVs is that they are quite simply too tall to get in and out of easily. The Range Rover Sport actually lowers itself at the push of a button to make it easier to clamber in. A push in the opposite direction lifts the truck to off roading height. It might seem a like a bit of a gimmick, but it certainly helps me and my bad back!

  • Insider Report: Ticked-off driver pays ticket with bag of coins
  • Insider Report: Ticked-off driver pays ticket with bag of coins
  • Insider Report: Ticked-off driver pays ticket with bag of coins
  • Insider Report: Ticked-off driver pays ticket with bag of coins
  • Insider Report: Ticked-off driver pays ticket with bag of coins

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