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Insider Report: This truck driver makes it look easy

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Watching some folks attempt to back a tiny hatchback in or out of a parking spot can be maddening, especially when you see the skills of the farm Co-Op trucker in the video below. Using a cool moving floor system, this driver backs up to a row of hay bales and handles the loading like nobody’s business, all without leaving the cab.

CRC TV: Pacific Forest Rally 2012

With just a week and a half until the 2012 running of the Rally of the Tall Pines, in Bancroft, the folks from CRC TV have released their footage of the recent Pacific Forest Rally. A win at the B.C. rally meant that the Rockstar team of Antoine L’Estage and Nathalie Richard clinched the Canadian Rally Championship title for the fifth time.

The highlight of this footage has to be the husband and wife squabble inside the Mitsubishi, as Nathalie attempts to rein Antoine in as he attacks the road with a bit more intensity than is required. This is some funny stuff!

Own a legend: Ferrari 312T driven by Gilles Villeneuve up for sale

Formula 1 fans around the globe idolized the young French Canadian superstar, who became a Canadian icon whose star still shines four decades after his death. A big part of his success on track was due to the spectacular Ferrari 312T, the last of the normally aspirated Ferrari Grand Prix cars. The car pictured above is number 48 and was raced by Villeneuve in the 1980 British, Dutch, German and Italian Grand Prix. This historic machine can be yours for just $1.6 Million!

Porsche Museum Soundnacht

For those of you who don’t understand German (OK, I don’t either, but Google translate is awesome) Soundnacht translates to Sound Night. Recently, the Porsche Museum held their second Sound Night, where they roll out some historic Porsche race cars and bring them to life indoors. Also on hand are some equally historic Porsche people, who share stories of the cars with guests. For this event, ten significant cars spanning six decades were fired up, including such beasts as the Porsche 962, the 911 Carrera 4×4 that competed in the Dakar Rally and the mighty 917/30 that was raced by Mark Donohue.

The spoken words in this video are all German, but that is of little importance. Just turn up the speakers and revel in the beastly sounds.

Mazda2: Tracksuited

The diminutive Mazda2 is a hidden gem among econoboxes. In a segment not typically known for driving fun, the Mazda2 is an absolute hoot to drive, both on the street and on the track. So much so that my 18 year old daughter practically begs me to borrow her a 2 every time she takes part in a track day.

The folks at Mazda think pretty highly of their baby too, so they partnered with the Canadian Touring Car Championship to create a media car for the new B-Spec. The car turned out to be a lot of fun for everyone who drove it! In this video, the head of Mazda Motorsports, John Doonan talks about his love of the car and takes us through the build.

  • Insider Report: This truck driver makes it look easy
  • Insider Report: This truck driver makes it look easy
  • Insider Report: This truck driver makes it look easy
  • Insider Report: This truck driver makes it look easy
  • Insider Report: This truck driver makes it look easy

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