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Insider Report: This speed-demon granny is hell on wheels!

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We’ve seen some pretty cool grannies in the Insider Report over the past year, but today’s might win the award for the fastest granny of them all. This 60-something-year-old has been drag racing since she was a teenager and is currently pedalling a hopped up AMG sedan that turns an 11-second quarter mile. The interviewer, from 1320 Video, spoke with her just as her hubby’s Viper broke on the strip.

These two might just be the coolest grandparents of all time.

Spike’s Ride for Sandy Hook
It has been said that tragedy brings a community together and I have long believed that the car/bike enthusiast community is one of the most charitable ones. That theory was put to the test when, the day after the tragic shootings in Newtown, National Guardsman George “Spikes” LeGrice put up a Facebook page to host a group ride to benefit those affected. That ride grew to be a cruise in that played host to more than 2,400 cars, trucks and bikes at historic Lime Rock Park last weekend. Spike’s Ride for Sandy Hook generated $26,000 in cash donations, which does not include cheques, vendor donations, pledges, t-shirt sales and matching donations.

Legendary racer and instructor Skip Barber was on hand and said, “This is one of the most ‘democratic’ shows I’ve ever seen. We had Bentleys from the 1930s shoulder to shoulder with Honda Accords, which, by the way, were right next to jacked-up diesel pick-ups, Z28s and Austin-Healeys. Thousands of vehicles … It’s wonderful when everyone feels as one, to do what they can for Newtown.”

Romanian footballers use motorized wheelbarrow for on field medical needs
From the “it isn’t automotive but it has wheels” files comes this video of a Romanian football team’s medic in action. Rather than using a stretcher to remove an injured player, a motorized wheel barrow is brought into play. Seems like a fun concept until the “patient” decides to stand up!

Sebring is a special place
There is something about some sporting arenas that elevates them to a special status in the eyes of the fans. For motor racing, there are historic places like Le Mans, Indianapolis and even our own Mosport, now known as Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Few in North America are as sacred to road racers as the legendary Sebring. Like many early circuits, Sebring was built on part of an old airfield, making it a brutal and bumpy place to race. It is not a place for the faint of heart, and it is a place where legends are born.

Ride along with Vic Elford at Targa Florio in 1972
In the earliest days of auto racing, there were no race tracks, just public roads. Often, the roads were still open to the public. Even when circuit racing began, some older road events, like the Targa Florio in Italy continued into the Seventies, when competitors drove purpose built machines that looked similar to Can-Am cars. They were however, smaller and lighter and yet still produced incredible horsepower and not much in the way of driver safety.

This video is from a practice session for the 1972 Targa Florio. As we ride along with Vic Elford, notice where his feet are in relation to the nose of the car. These were machines that were capable of explosive acceleration and phenomenal cornering speeds. This was racing when the men were men and the donkeys had better stay off the road!

  • Insider Report: This speed-demon granny is hell on wheels!
  • Insider Report: This speed-demon granny is hell on wheels!
  • Insider Report: This speed-demon granny is hell on wheels!
  • Insider Report: This speed-demon granny is hell on wheels!
  • Insider Report: This speed-demon granny is hell on wheels!

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