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Insider Report: This man is selling a testicle to buy a sports car

We've all heard the saying "I would give my left (insert body part name here) for ..." but in most cases it's nothing more than a figure of speech.

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We’ve all heard the saying “I would give my left (insert body part name here) for …” but in most cases it’s nothing more than a figure of speech. American Mark Parisi, however, really means it. He wants a Nissan 370Z pretty badly, badly enough to give up one of his testicles. Parisi told CBS show The Doctors that he would donate one of his boys to medical science in exchange for the going rate. Apparently the going rate is about $35,000, or roughly the same price as his dream car.

As much as I love cars, I don’t think I’ll be chopping off body parts any time soon to buy one!


This guy LIVES with Stephen King’s Christine
I turned 16 in the Summer of 1983 and spent my time cruising Willowdale (I know, such a cool place to cruise) in my Grandfather’s green ’69 Plymouth Fury. I loved that car, so when I first saw the Stephen King thriller, Christine, about an unpopular guy and his possessed 1958 Fury named Christine, I was in some sort of car geek heaven.

Nissan 370Z

Martin Sanchez claims he was picked on in school, much like Arnie, the guy in the movie. He restored a ’69 Pontiac as a teenager, which was then destroyed by The Jocks. An auto shop teacher told him to read the novel and the idea to build his own Christine was born. A few phone calls and a bit of digging turned up the battered remains of one of the movie cars. The rest of the story is one of those guys and his car stories that so many of us love. Couple this with a bunch of actual movie props and Sanchez might just be the coolest owner of the coolest ’58 Plymouth ever.


Rally of the Tall Pines 2012 recap
Keen eyed readers and those who know are rally fans already know that this weekend is the Rally of the Tall Pines. The final round of both the Canadian and North American rally championships. The big news of the weekend is that 8 time North American Champion co-driver, Nathalie Richard is rejoining her brother Patrick in the blue Subaru Canada WRX at Pines this year. You can learn more about that reunion in tomorrow’s Wheels section of the Toronto Star.

Nissan 370Z

For now, I think it is time to focus on some Tall Pines history, with a look at last year’s exciting event along with some past fun.

This interactive video from Subaru a couple of years ago is classic. It allows the viewer to select which camera they view from, as Patrick Richard attacks Tall Pines.

And another good one from last year.

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