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INSIDER REPORT: This is why you don't text and drive

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They can make it illegal and we can apply all the peer pressure we want, but when you look around on the street, lots of drivers are still using their phone while driving. An organization called “Responsible Young Drivers in Belgium” decided to try a bit of reverse psychology and force some new drivers to take a texting while driving drill as part of their driving test. The results are a bit of a chuckle, but they really drive home the message that one can’t drive and text regardless of how great they are at multitasking.

Make it so: Captain Picard to race a Morgan

For those who might think that Dr. Dreamy (aka Patrick Dempsey) is the only actor racing these days, the guys at Speed Hunters have this pic of Sir Patrick Stewart. The actor, best known in North America for his role in Star Trek: The Next Generation and the X-Men movies, will be racing this Moggie in a celebrity race at Silverstone next month. Also in this post are a couple of shots of a special Ferrari that was once owned by another actor/racer, Steve McQueen.

A tale of pony car passion and the purchase process

The boys at The Truth About Cars have been accused of being a bit over-the-top in their style on occasion, but whether you like them or love them, there is no denying that for the most part they are full on car enthusiasts. The leader of the pack is my friend Jack Baruth, who takes his music as seriously as he does his racing. So when his music buddy, who shall remain anonymous, offered up his tale of pony car passion and purchase, Baruth let him have the stage. First off, this guy is a pretty decent writer, whose passion for cars shines through in his words.

“Expecting the normal understeer that one might expect from a Mustang, I put my foot down in second gear and the rear end damn near came all the way around on me. This was not a pony car. This was a bigger, faster, and meaner looking S2000. I had to do my best to temper my downright joy and enthusiasm. The car was loud, yellow, and drove like nothing I’d ever driven before. When I put my foot on the gas in fourth gear, something actually happened. The 444 HP was usable throughout the entire powerband. The steering rack was nimble and responsive. No one-wheel death peel around corners. This was the car I’d been looking for my entire life and had never known that it existed.”

Perhaps more importantly, our hero described smart car shopping to a tee, from researching online to visiting dealerships in person. In general, being an educated consumer. He also knew what he wanted before arriving at the dealer. You would be amazed at how many people have no clue what they want or need before they go car shopping. The most interesting thing for me was that the age old American practice of marking up the sale price of a hot new model still exists. Here in Ontario, dealers are not allowed to raise the sticker price.

So what did the guy buy? Well, you’ll just have to read the story. For the record, he just bought my current dream car in exactly the correct colour!

Road & Track previews the hybrid car wars at 2012 Le Mans

Yes, I know, here I go with another Le Mans preview video. There is a reason: This is the most important race in the world! Also, the 2012 edition stands to have lasting implications for the rest of the motoring world. Both Audi and Toyota are campaigning hybrid drive vehicles. The Audi R18 e-tron quattro has a diesel engine that powers the rear wheels and an electric motor that powers the fronts, while the Toyota uses a more traditional gasoline engine with an electric motor that assists the rear wheels. These two solutions may be drastically different, but both could potentially end up in your driveway some day down the road. R & T takes a look inside both of the challengers.

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