Insider Report: This is what happens when a huge water main breaks

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Here in the GTA we complain a lot about the condition of our roads. The reality is that we live in a country with extremes of temperature where it is not uncommon to see 30 degree fluctuations on the thermometer on occasion. These wild changes wreak havoc on roads and the things beneath them, including water mains. From what I have heard, Russia has similar conditions, made worse by an almost total lack of road maintenance. So when a water main breaks underneath an already compromised road surface, things become pretty tricky for drivers. This video shows what can happen without any warning whatsoever to drivers going about their evening business. Pretty dramatic. (Video replays halfway through in slow-motion for a better view of what happened.)

In a somewhat related aside, while I totally understand why our roads get the way they do, I don’t get why our road crews shut down so many roads that all go the same way, at the same time.

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 6: The 100% GoPro Edition!

The GoPro camera is an amazing device, capable of created content that even a graphic neophyte like me can edit into a slick looking video. Take a great content generator like Ken Block and turn him loose with a couple of dozen GoPros strapped to just about everything in sight and you have a recipe for some fantastic visuals. Gymkhana 6 was spectacular the first time around but this version is much more juicy.

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Follow a Father and Son team as they share the journey of life in a hot rod
A Father. A Son. Grandpa’s hot rod and a road trip to a car show. These are the things that dreams and future memories are made of. This is why my kid and I are building a car together. This video does a great job of explaining the passion that so many of us feel for cars.

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