Insider Report: This is NOT how you change lanes

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We’ve all seen at least one driver like this, the one who is so clueless and self-absorbed that they change lanes at the last minute, crossing three lanes of traffic to make a turn. Sometimes their actions can cause quite a mess or worse. Fortunately, the damage caused by the inattentive driver in the video below is minor and limited to a bit of bent tin.

Wake up!

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Stunt bike riding at its best

I have shared some pretty stupid bike tricks here in the Insider Report, but today I have a rider who is the real deal. Meet Rafal Pasierbek, who goes by the stage name Stunter13. The 26-year-old Polish rider competes in the XDL Championship, which stopped in Indianapolis as part of the Red Bull Indianapolis GP event. Stunter13 proved that he’s got world class skills, when he laid down this run which scored him first place on the weekend.

Much more than just motorcycle riding, this guy is incredible.

HOONIGAN SEMA after party

That Ken on the Block guy dips his fingers into all sorts of stuff these days. In case you missed it, the skater/bmx guy turned rally car extremist also owns DC Shoes. Following his love of fun, Block recently launched a new company called Hoonigan, which sells tee shirts and other stuff for folks who like to hoon. In non-hoon speak, that translates to someone who likes to have fun playing with cars.

To wrap up the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas, the Hoonigan squad had a bit of an after party. Where there are hoons and horsepower, there will be smoke!

This is how a differential works

Have you ever been out with friends and listened as one of your know-it-all gearhead buddies start talking about the differential in his muscle car. Did you know what he was talking about? If not, did you ask for a better explanation or was it a bit too uncomfortable. Don’t worry, you aren’t alone. Lots of people don’t know what some automotive techie terms are and most of them are afraid to ask.

I just came across this great video from General Motors, created way back in 1937. While some technical evolution has happened with the advent of front and all wheel drive systems, the theory behind a differential is exactly the same as it was way back when. This is a great learning tool for kids who are about to go into high school auto shop for the first time too.

Notice that the film was produced by “The Jam Handy Organization”. Fun stuff!

Ferrari 288 GTO is flaming good

Call me juvenile (you won’t be the first) but I am a firm believer that a car’s cool factor is magnified many times when it shoots jets of flame from its exhaust pipes. When those flames are spitting out of a classic Ferrari, I just start to get all warm and fuzzy.

The Ferrari 288 GTO was built as a homologation special so that Ferrari could race the car in the legendary Group B rally series of the Eighties. Following the death of Henri Toivonen and his co-driver in ’86, the class formula was abandoned and the GTO was never raced. What remains are some very sexy road cars that also happen to go very fast. And, thanks to a pair of turbos, they blow flames!

  • Insider Report: This is NOT how you change lanes
  • Insider Report: This is NOT how you change lanes
  • Insider Report: This is NOT how you change lanes
  • Insider Report: This is NOT how you change lanes
  • Insider Report: This is NOT how you change lanes

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