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Insider Report: This is how traffic jams are created

We’ve all seen it, the driver who misses their exit on the highway and slams on their brakes to attempt to make the turn.

The driver on China’s Zhejiang-Shenhai Highway below can thank their lucky stars that the tractor trailer behind them didn’t hit them. In the successful attempt to miss the stopped car, the truck jackknifes and blocks most of the highway. The roadway, which was clear, rapidly becomes a parking lot.

Drivers everywhere: If you miss your exit, just keep right on driving until you reach the next off ramp. The extra minutes might just save your life, or at the very least prevent a traffic jam!

Alex Zanardi wins gold at Paralympics

Once a competitor, always a competitor. Former open wheel racing star and champion, Alex Zanardi, has done the unthinkable by winning gold in his first ever Paralympic event. The inspirational racer finished 27 seconds ahead of his nearest competitor in yesterday’s Men’s Individual H4 Time Trial in London. The silver medal went to Norbert Mosandl from Germany, while American Oscar Sanchez picked up the bronze medal. The photo of Zanardi celebrating was posted on Facebook by none other than Mario Andretti who said “Alex Zanardi Olympic Gold & I can’t stop laughing, crying, cheering. Purely extraordinary what he’s capable of. I love you man!”.

As I mentioned earlier this week, Zanardi races again on Friday and Saturday.

Motor Trend and the world’s fastest production hybrid

When my friend Jonny Lieberman at Motor Trend tipped me off to the following video, he called this VW Jetta the world’s fastest hybrid. I was somewhat skeptical, as that title must surely go to the Audi R18 e-Tron Hybrid. The word that was missing in there was “production”. The folks at MT have taken a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid and turned it into a land speed racer with the assistance of VW engineers. The result? With a little bit of tweaking, the Jetta came oh so close to touching 300 km/h on the salt at Bonneville. In the episode of The Downshift below, Carlos Lago takes us through the build and the visit to the salt.

Edmonton driver saves kids by shielding them with his HUMMER

Darrell Krushelnicki was exiting the Bonnie Doon shopping mall in Edmonton, when he saw a group of four kids crossing the street where they should, in a cross walk. The man also saw that the driver of an oncoming Pontiac G5 was talking on the phone and was not going to stop. The quick thinking driver pulled his HUMMER into the path of the oncoming car, a move that police say probably saved the lives of all four kids. The driver of the other car, 23 year old John Troy Heitzman has reportedly been charged with Dangerous Driving.

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