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Insider Report: The worst case of road rage ever?

We all know that getting excited behind the wheel and trying to take revenge on another driver is a bad idea, but some people’s tempers just don’t listen to common sense. I have shared some extreme examples of road rage here in the Insider Report before, but this news report from Australia is a whole different level of crazy.

Ex-police officer Ken Olsen was driving near Brisbane last Sunday when he came across a madman.

Olsen claimed he did not know what caused the incident: “I just put on my brakes and he hit me from behind”. Without hearing both sides of the story, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that he probably provoked the guy by giving him that age old “brake test”. What Olsen didn’t bargain for was that there might be a complete crazy man behind the wheel of the other car! The Nissan pickup driver began pursuing Olsen and trying to run him off the road before finally boxing him in and smashing his windshield with his bare fist.

The news report on TV news show Today Tonight reported that the other driver was intending to turn himself into police on Wednesday. The Australian News is reporting that the violent driver has turned himself in, but has not been charged yet as his story differs from Olsen’s. Interestingly, two other drivers have told police that they have experienced similar road rage incidents with the driver of the black pickup.

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“The Motherhood” featuring the Fiat 500L

Fiat’s first North American offering (this time around), the diminutive 500, is a fun and funky little ride that is great around town, but it doesn’t offer much practicality for a family. Just as the MINI brand has spawned several variations that go beyond the little shoebox, Fiat has begun to position the 500 as its own sub-brand. The first step is a totally new model named the 500L, which is aimed squarely at families.

Already on sale in the UK, the folks at Fiat there have put together a music video entitled “The Motherhood”. While it may not convince many guys to buy, I’ll bet that many moms out there will relate to the star’s problems and agree that the 500L is a good solution to some of them. Somehow I don’t think this ad will be run here though, as I’m sure the P.C. crowd will take issue with lyrics like: “I got holes in my chest. My nursing bra like a bulletproof vest”.

Take a good look folks, because this is one Euro ride that is actually coming to Canada. It will be released at the 2013 Montreal Auto Show in January.

Gymkhana 5: The Making Of

Every gearhead with a GoPro yearns to recreate the antics of Ken Block in the popular Gymkhana series. What many don’t realize though is that Block’s exciting mini flicks are not created by a guy in a car, hooning around while his buddies hold on to a couple of cameras. Sure, there is lots of fun, tire smoke and rip snorting exhaust, but this is the serious business of film making. Roads are closed, police are contracted and a full film crew is on hand. The DC Shoes team has just released this behind the scenes glimpse of how the crew took over San Francisco to shoot #5, the most epic edition¬†of the Gymkhana franchise yet.

The Red Bull Racing Story: 2005-2012

A few months ago I posted the trailer for a new short film from Red Bull Racing telling the story of the team from its inception to becoming champions. Now that the F1 season is in the record books and Red Bull Racing and Sebastian Vettel have been crowned as 2012 World Champion Constructor and Driver, the team has released the full edit of the film. Sit down, turn up the volume and soak up what is destined to become one of the greatest stories in Formula 1 history.

  • Insider Report: The worst case of road rage ever?
  • Insider Report: The worst case of road rage ever?
  • Insider Report: The worst case of road rage ever?
  • Insider Report: The worst case of road rage ever?

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