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Insider Report: The best drift of all time?

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While I’m sure that some of you who read the Insider Report every day aren’t huge rally fans, you are going to have to indulge me a bit this week. With the Rally of the Tall Pines coming up this weekend in Bancroft, I am happily getting myself warmed up with some rally videos.

Italian rally star Gigi Galli is known for being somewhat spectacular on the stage, and is always happy to put on a show for the fans. Unlike NASCAR fans who are looking for the big crash, rally fans are looking for the huge drift and some big air. This rather grainy clip from way back in 2007, when youtube was just a toddler, shows Galli in his element. This might just be the greatest rally drift of all time!

Watch Robert Kubica at speed

Unfortunately, all to frequently Robert Kubica’s name typically ends up appearing here in the Insider Report when the former Formula 1 driver has crashed. The incredibly talented Polish driver has a passion for driving rally cars that is pretty much unstoppable. I just came across this clip of Kubica last weekend at the Rally Trofeo in Italy, absolutely flying in a Citroen C4. This guy is amazing.

Swiss hillclimb offers some strange and wonderful entertainment

A hillclimb might not exactly be a rally, but it also isn’t exactly racing, which is why the sport has remained popular in Switzerland, even during the country’s ban on racing. The annual Bergrennen Reitnau is a fan and competitor favourite, which includes all manner of vehicles. From super cool racing Opels to open wheeled racers and trucks, this event has it all. It even includes some oddities like the death trap in the photo above. All in all, it looks like everyone had a good time at the 2012 event, despite the rain. This is one that I think I would like to attend in the future!

Video teaser: 2013 Chevrolet Camaro 60th Anniversary

It’s hump day and already this has been a crazy week full of automotive fun. Yesterday I was on the road shooting video of the 2013 Corvette. You know the one that you’ve seen in TV ads, the convertible with a 427 under the hood. With a drive event today and Tall Pines over the next few days, I won’t have time to edit videos until next week so I thought I would give you a teaser from the Vette drive.

As Jeremy Clarkson said on a recent Top Gear episode, the Vette’s rear bumper is a big, soft hunk of plastic. That means that it doesn’t make for a very stable spot to stick a camera. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a great spot to grab a bit of exhaust audio though! So please ignore the shaky video, but turn up the speakers because the 427 Corvette sounds incredible!

  • Insider Report: The best drift of all time?
  • Insider Report: The best drift of all time?
  • Insider Report: The best drift of all time?
  • Insider Report: The best drift of all time?

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