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Insider Report: Car dealer sued by employee for workplace tasering

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“So who the hell, exactly, are these guys, the boys and girls in the trenches? You might get the impression from the specifics of my less than stellar career that all line cooks are wacked-out moral degenerates, dope fiends, refugees, a thuggish assortment of drunks, sneak thieves, sluts and psychopaths. You wouldn’t be too far off base.”

Anthony Bourdain, Kitchen Confidential

Anthony Bourdain was describing the kitchen staff of just about every restaurant that has ever served a meal in the above quote, but he could easily have been describing the floor of this car dealership (video below), where the sales crew is a motley bunch at best.

With any business, the difference between the great and the not-so-great stores lies in how its personalities are managed. And it would seem that a boys’ high school locker room is better managed than Fred Fincher Motors in Houston, Texas.

Bradley Jones, a former employee of Fincher Motors, was repeatedly tasered by fellow employees, according to KHOU-TV. The dealer’s general manager allegedly not only recorded the attacks but also supplied the stun gun. The dealer himself, Sam Harless, whose wife is Texas State Rep. Patricia Harless, is alleged to have uploaded the videos of Jones’ torment to YouTube.

“I was constantly looking behind my shoulder, distracted, couldn’t sleep,” Jones, 45, said in an interview. “I would even look behind my shower curtain at home.”

Not surprisingly, Jones no longer works at Fred Fincher Motors and has launched a lawsuit against Sam and Patricia Harless and two other employees.

Sam Harless has released a statement dismissing the lawsuit as “frivolous.” You can watch the video of the incidents below and decide for yourself.

Top 5 Crashes – Red Bull Flugtag Greece
Now to lighten things up a little, how about a bit of fun from Greece, where Red Bull recently held another round of their Flugtag competition. For those who haven’t heard of Flugtag, competitors create their own whimsical flying machines and attempt to fly off the end of a pier. While the winner is the machine that flies the furthest, the funniest are the ones that don’t fly at all!

CNN botches description of F1 engines
I know just how easy it is to make a mistake when writing about a topic, even when it is one that a writer is an expert on, so I don’t usually poke fun at other writers who miss out on a detail or make an erroneous statement. A recent article on however is/was just so bad that I can’t help but make comment. The story, part of a series on the Art of Movement contained gems like:

“While a standard engine is powered by a belt connected to the crankshaft, a turbo engine runs on its own exhaust steam, making it more energy efficient.”

Really? So you are telling me that turbo charged cars are belt driven steam engines?

Then there is this gem:

“Turbo engines also tend to be slower taking off — not ideal for F1 racing. But once in full flight, they maintain speed well, and today you’ll often find turbo engines used in trains, trucks and construction equipment.”

How about the hundreds of thousands of cars that make use of turbos right off the showroom floor?

If I were writing a story on say, the history of sewing machines, which I know nothing about, I would be sure to work extra hard to get my details correct and then have a real expert go over the story before submitting it. If I make a mistake in my own area of expertise, well then, shame on me and I will (and do) stand up and take ownership of my gaff.

Instead, in this case, CNN has opted to just delete a couple of the more ridiculous statements. This proves once again the reality that the internet never forgets!

image 4

Three rotor RX7 wails at 11,000 rpm
Ah, the rotary engine. Capable of producing insane amounts of power out of an itty bitty package, it also sounds like nothing else on earth. When not being blown up by Aussi hoons, the rotary can be seen in action at lapping days all over, doing what it does best. Check out this screaming yellow beast.

Motorcycle racer seriously injured during Ontario Superbike race
On a more somber note, Quebec based motorcycle racer Christian Auger was seriously injured in a crash on Sunday at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. The rider was competing in the final race of the weekend for the Canadian Superbike Championship. Durham Regional Police reports that the 34 year old was airlifted to a Toronto area hospital, where he remains in serious condition.

  • Insider Report: Car dealer sued by employee for workplace tasering
  • Insider Report: Car dealer sued by employee for workplace tasering
  • Insider Report: Car dealer sued by employee for workplace tasering

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