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Insider Report: Taxi's dangerous move caught on camera

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Just about everyone has a crazy taxi story. Some come from the viewpoint of the back seat, while others come from sharing the road with a taxi. Caught on this Mercedes-Benz driver’s dash cam, a cabbie decides he needs to be going in the opposite direction. The fact that he is in the right lane matters not, as the cabbie makes a sudden U-Turn to the left. The Toyota Highlander the cab cut off very nearly clipped him.

What is the craziest thing you’ve seen a taxi driver do?

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Courtney Force turns fastest ever Funny Car speed: 322.73 mph

Back a few years ago there was a reality TV show that followed drag racing superstar John Force and his family around. Critics made fun when Force’s daughters decided to start racing themselves. Courtney Force has long since proven herself to be more than worthy of following in her larger than life father’s footsteps.

Last Friday night in West Palm Beach, Force lined up next to her brother-in-law Robert Hight for a trip down the 1,000 foot strip. Hight took the win but it was Force who stole the show. The 24-year-old racer crossed the line at an incredible 322.73 mph (516.3 km/h).

Not your average Geo Tracker

If ever there was a vehicle that lacked personality it was the Geo Tracker. Underpowered, uncomfortable and more than a little bit ugly, there was little good about the little runabout. Put one in the hands of a hot rodder though and things get interesting.

With a Ford small block stuffed in it and a squirt of nitrous, this ugly black thing might just be the meanest Geo of all time. Check out the wheel stand when it leaves the line!

Aussie idiot lies on the ground as a Ford SVT Raptor jumps him

There has been a proliferation of TV shows lately, showing stupid things that people do with things that move. When watching one of them recently, I noticed that MTV clearly states that they do not accept submissions. If you are stupid enough, they will find you. Really, what they are saying is that they don’t want some dimwit like the guy in the video below to get killed while trying a stupid trick to get his 15 seconds of fame on TV.

This guy lays down in the desert and waits as his buddy jumps over him with a Ford SVT Raptor. Just to clarify, a Raptor is not a guy on a BMX or a skateboard. A Raptor weighs in excess of 2,700 kg. It is quite obvious that the truck is moving very fast.

What we have here is a potential, future, Darwin Award Winner!

Behind the scenes at the 2012 Rolex 24 with DRIVE

Continuing with my obsessive lead up to the 2013 Rolex 24 at Daytona this week, I am sending you behind the scenes at the 2012 race. My friend Leo Parente at the cameras from DRIVE spent some time with Michael Waltrip, Sir Jackie Stewart, Travis Pastrana and more. This is the best look yet at the experience I plan to share with Wheels readers over the coming weekend.

Watch closely and you will see some great on-track footage of the GTA-based AIM Autosport FXDD Ferrari.

  • Insider Report: Taxi's dangerous move caught on camera

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