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Insider Report: Tank surprises Russian drivers

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We’ve seen some crazy things here in the Insider Report, from road rage to collisions to military aircraft buzzing highway traffic. I think today’s lead off video takes the crazy cake. Ride along with an unsuspecting driver who appears to be approaching a toll booth or something, when suddenly a tank bursts through the snowbank and out onto the road in front of him! Not something we see every day here in Ontario!

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Amazing outdoor TV by Porsche Design

Canadian racing pioneer Diana Carter just sent me this link to what just might be the coolest back yard accessory of all time. A television. Carter, once known as “Canada’s Raciest Blonde”, was a sports car racer, rally driver and automotive journalist. So what you may ask am I doing writing about a TV here in, even if it was a tip from a racing icon? Well, this is not just any old TV. It is a 201″ TV created by non-other than Porsche Design, and oh what a TV it is!

The C Seed 201 seems to have more in common with a Cold War era missile silo than it does with the old RCA your Grandparents had back when Ms. Carter was racing. The giant monitor emerges from a hole in the ground like an ICBM headed for Siberia. Once its vertical limit has been reached, the screen unfolds like one of those solar arrays we are accustomed to seeing on a space station.

Can you imagine how cool it would be to have all of your well heeled friends arrive and park their Porsches in your back yard to enjoy a continental breakfast and watch Formula 1 on a Sunday morning? Then, you could watch classic videos of Carter and Donna Mae Mimms thrashing the boys at their own game!

Florida High School uses karting to teach physics

When I was in Grade 9 at Woodbine Junior High way back when, I had a heck of a time passing Science. I just couldn’t get it. My teacher sat down with me and my mom to try to figure things out. Upon learning that I was into cars and airplanes, he realized that his class should be easy for me, he just needed to make his lessons a bit more gearhead focused. What a genius! From then onwards, I looked at science (and geometry for that matter) and tried to figure out how the topic would apply to a car or an airplane. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of relevance to make a tough subject easy.

Staff at the Manatee School of the Arts in Palmetto, Florida have this all figured out. They have created what may just be the coolest class of all time, and the one in which their students will get to see Science in a whole new light. Frederick Hillier teaches a class called the Physics of Motorsports to grade 8, 9 & 10 students.

“At the finish line, we’ll get a velocity,” Hillier told the local ABC affiliate. “And then they’re suppose to break as hard as they can for the shortest stopping distance. They’ll collect the data, they’ll go back to school in the next class, and they’ll calculate what the g-force was of their deceleration.”

Naturally, part of the curriculum involves weekly track time, where students collect acceleration, deceleration and side load data, which is then studied in class. The class is recognized as a standard physics course in the state of Florida and it sets students on a path towards a career in motorsports.

At a time here in Ontario where we are seeing teachers do anything possible to avoid doing anything extra, it is a pleasure to see a teacher and school that are thinking outside of the box. They are proving that high school science can be fun and relevant to a real world career.

  • Insider Report: Tank surprises Russian drivers

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