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Insider Report: Subaru BR-Z driver digs out after snowpocalypse

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The greatest thing about the online world is that readers can contribute cool content, just like this Jalopnik reader from Long Island did.

This weekend’s storm left Mike Sweeney”s friend’s new Subaru BR-Z well and truly buried. Even though it is properly shod with a set of Blizzak snow tires, it took a whole bunch of digging to extract the sporty coupe from winter’s grasp. Rather than helping dig, Sweeney stayed inside and shot a timelapse photo sequence of his buddy moving the mounds.

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Kid steals parent’s Infiniti and then posts video online!

Most automotive videos I come across out of Russia are of the dash camera variety. The one you are about to see comes from the cellphone of a kid. A kid who is filming his buddy as he steals his parent’s  (?) Infiniti and goes for a joyride.

Even though he can barely see over the steering wheel, it would appear that the kid doesn’t hit anything along the way. That’s a good thing, because the airbag would have taken his face off if it deployed with him sitting so close!

WRC Rally Sweden won by Sebastian, but not the one everyone expected

Just like Sebastian Vettel in Formula 1, Sebastian Loeb is just about unbeatable on the WRC circuit these days. So much so that Loeb has decided to only compete in four rounds of the WRC this year as he decides what is next for him. He needs more excitement. At Rally Sweden over the weekend though, it was another Sebastian that took the top spot on the podium. VW pilot Sebastian Ogier took the win, giving the new Polo R its first victory. Loeb wasn’t far behind though, taking second spot in the Citroen. Norwegian Mads Ostberg was on the bottom step of the podium in the Ford.

Here are the highlights of the rally including some massive air on the famed “Colin’s Crest”, a jump named after the late, great Colin McRae.

Watch out for that automatic gate

Security cameras seem to capture even weirder stuff than Russian dash cameras. Here is one that shows a driver that somehow completely misses the fact that an automatic gate is closing as he or she is about to drive through it. My guess is that the driver was on the phone or distracted by something else, as I can’t see how they didn’t notice the impending crash.

Dirt Modifieds on the road course!

Here is one for Wheels Editor Norris McDonald, who used to race the mighty Super Modified class. These V8 powered monsters of the oval track are bears in their native setting and they are designed to turn left. That didn’t stop some racers from heading to New Jersey Motorsports Park in 2009 for RoadMods. Blasting these mighty machines around a road course looks like it must have been barrels of fun. At 0:39, you can see one car twist under the massive torque, lifting the left front wheel at least a foot off the track. Cool stuff right here!

  • Insider Report: Subaru BR-Z driver digs out after snowpocalypse

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