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Insider Report storms North Africa

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Regular readers may have noticed that my daily Insider Report has been a bit thin on content. That’s because I am in Morocco of all places, for the global reveal of the 2013 Range Rover and my Internet connection has been less than stellar. While everyone back home was struggling with Hurricane Sandy, we were dealing with a storm of our own here. Land Rover engineers are very proud that the new Range Rover is capable of “wading” through water up to 900 mm deep. That number is key, as we used all of it today, as flood waters were often close to a metre deep.

I’ll have lots of video for you next week, along with a story that will appear in the print version of Wheels. For now, you’ll have to make do with a bit of raw footage, shot with a Contour Roam camera that I am also testing this week.

Two-minute test drive: Ford Mustang Boss 302

During TestFest last week, my daily driver was the absolutely incredible 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302. It is one of the most satisfying cars I have ever driven, one that I would very much like to own. Unfortunately, because I was at TestFest all week and then came home to a couple of days of rain, I was unable to shoot any photos or video. Fortunately, my buddy Russ Bond, working with Motoring TV, had the car a couple of weeks earlier and shot a quick test drive video.

Oh, those rear tires were replaced before I got the car!

Ride with Crazy Leo during New England Forest Rally crash

They don’t call him Crazy Leo for nothing. Toronto area rally driver Leo Urlichich does everything with style, whether that means winning a rally or crashing out of a rally. At the recent New England Forest Rally in Maine, Leo made a mistake in his stage notes, a mistake which caused what rally folks call a “big off”. In other words, Leo crashed out of the event. That doesn’t really matter though, because fans still love Crazy Leo and Canadian fans are looking forward to seeing him in action at the Rally of the Tall Pines in Bancroft next month.

  • Insider Report storms North Africa
  • Insider Report storms North Africa
  • Insider Report storms North Africa

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