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Insider Report: Why Russian drivers have dash cameras

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The first time I watched the following clip I thought it was a video capturing some sort of weird theft problem. Then I put the description into Google translate and learned otherwise. Sort of.

Off camera, hidden behind the van, the blue Lada Classic clips the side of another vehicle, ripping off the passenger side mirror. Watch closely and you will see the mirror on the road. After the incident, the Lada driver makes no effort to speak to the other driver, so the driver whose car was hit makes sure he can identify the culprit by literally ripping off his licence plate!

How can someone be so oblivious that they don’t notice someone ripping their licence plate off?

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Barn Find: Fortman & Kerr ’32 Ford

Like most gearheads, I have always yearned to be the guy who turns up a super cool barn find. It hasn’t happened yet and every time I see a story like this one, it hurts a little as I realize that there is one more barn car that I won’t have the chance to find.

The folks over at Bangshift have a story from Bob Chiluk, about Chicago resident Ken Robins, who heard tales of an old race car stuck in a barn that was not too far from him. A bit of digging turned up this alcohol burning ’32 Ford that was built for the World Series of Drag racing in 1954 by Francis Fortman and Kenny Kerr. It turns out that the car was still owned by its original owner and was tucked away after that event, never to be raced again. This incredible example of early hot rodding has been kept exactly as it was raced. Obviously the years of storage have not been kind, but the Deuce is still unbelievably cool! After reading the story at Bangshift, be sure to head over and check out their gallery that includes some cool colour photos of the car in ’54.

Mustang racer makes a massive wheelie before turning into the wall!

I have driven lots of cars, on lots of different race tracks around the world, but I have never launched a car down a drag strip. I have no idea what it feels like when the front wheels lift off the ground because the back wheels have hooked up too hard. After watching this clip of a Mustang Cobra Jet driver, I’m not too upset about missing the experience.

There are actually two videos below. The first, which appeared about a week ago shows the Cobra Jet rearing up like a frightened stallion. While the nose is pointed at the sky, the driver turns the wheel to the right. When the front wheels make their way back to earth, they hook up and send the ‘Stang into the wall on the right.

The second video is the on-board footage. We can see in the first video that the car was drifting to the left, so it looks like perhaps the driver was instinctively correcting, even though it was absolutely the wrong move!

Quick-thinking driver reverses to avoid being hit by spinning bus

If spinning a car is scary, what about being in a car that is in the path of a bus that is spinning out of control? The driver of the car in the video kept his cool when a people mover got sideways in the snow. Rather than waiting to be crushed, the driver calmly selected reverse and backed up out of the way as the traction handicapped bus came calling.

Even more impressive is what took place afterwards. While the video is a bit grainy, it would seem that our driver walked over and shook the bus driver’s hand. Talk about an understanding motorist!

  • Insider Report: Why Russian drivers have dash cameras
  • Insider Report: Why Russian drivers have dash cameras
  • Insider Report: Why Russian drivers have dash cameras
  • Insider Report: Why Russian drivers have dash cameras

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