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Insider Report: Prepare to be shocked by this astonishing tire ad

The ad comes with its own health disclaimer (you'll soon see why) and is nothing short of shocking.

  • astonishing tire ad

While they are usually reserved for anti-drunk driving and pro-seatbelt campaigns, scare tactics are nothing new to the advertising world. Normally they involve an accident scene, some crying loved ones and maybe a glimpse into a busy emergency room.

But in Japan, things get a slightly different treatment when it comes to anything media or pop culture-related, and it’s often not even remotely close to what most Canadians would consider normal.

Take the following an ad spot from Autoway Tire, which is intended to show how well their tires perform in dangerous and unexpected conditions. The ad comes with its own health disclaimer (you’ll soon see why) and is nothing short of shocking. Put down your coffee before hitting play, as part of the video may cause a spill. You’ve been warned.



Ferrari F50 in slow motion

astonishing tire ad
The folks at Tax The Rich are at it again with their supercar antics. These are the same guys who played tug-of-war with a pair of Ferrari F50s and then hooned it up with a 288 GTO. This week they have released another F50 video, this time catching the father of the Enzo in slow motion as the pony prances around the TTR farm. This bit of beauty in motion is another great example of cars being used as they were intended!


McLaren P1 attacks the Green Hell

astonishing tire ad
Speaking of cars doing what they were designed to do, McLaren Automotive’s newest beast, the P1, was designed for just one purpose: to go fast. As one would expect, it is also a stunner to look at. The infamous Nurburgring, nestled in the Black Forest, is the perfect setting to watch the P1 strut its stuff. Does it go fast? You bet!

2015 Mustang revs up for Cars & Coffee crowd

astonishing tire ad
With the addition of a wider range of engines in the next generation Mustang, there are those who were worried that the original pony car would become softer with its new global mission. Now that the car has been properly revealed, we know that the Mustang has not been neutered. Just in case you aren’t convinced, have a listen to this walk around video from a recent Cars & Coffee meet in Irvine, California.


Review: Rode Videomic GO Part 1
As regular readers know, I have been making an effort to create video content on a somewhat regular basis. While the video quality has been steadily improving, I haven’t been happy with the sound quality for interviews and the like. I started doing some research and discovered that Australian company Rode has just launched a new, lightweight microphone designed specifically for DSLR and action cameras. Perfect for my GoPro Hero3, so I dropped by Henry’s and bought one yesterday. For $99 I have lots to gain and nothing to lose.

astonishing tire ad

I sat down last night to shoot a quick review video, but part way through the process, I began to get some crazy noise on the mic. I suspect it is something ambient, like my Wife’s dying computer, but have sent Rode a message to see what they suggest. In the mean time, I will try it out in a different location this afternoon. Fear not folks, better sound is coming!

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