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Insider Report: Smart lives up to its name with this 'booth babe'

Commonly referred to as "booth babes," product specialists are the eye candy that auto manufacturers hire to look pretty standing next to their new cars.

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This year’s North American International Auto Show was chock full of bright spots, but one of the brightest was one of the product specialists in the Smart booth. Commonly referred to as ” booth babe,” product specialists are the eye candy that auto manufacturers hire to look pretty standing next to their new cars.

While some manufacturers do a better job than others in hiring knowledgeable professionals with a fantastic personality who also happen to look great, I have yet to see a booth girl like Jennifer Parmenter. The lovely Ms. Parmenter is six months pregnant.

I spoke with Parmenter on Monday morning and she seemed slightly embarrassed by all the fuss being made over her, but she was absolutely charming and a delight to chat with.

Kudos to the folks at Smart for going against the grain and having a front line show staffer who is special because she is normal.


Ricky Johnson POV at Red Bull Frozen Rush
The other day I shared a video from Red Bull’s crazy new contest, Frozen Rush, where competitors battle it out in stadium racing trucks on a ski hill. What may sound like a recipe for disaster looks like a heck of a lot of fun for anyone who loves extreme driving.

Red Bull

Take a ride with Red Bull team driver Ricky Johnson as he blasts through the course in Maine. The 49 year old motorcycle racer looks perfectly at home in the thundering snow machine.


Kyle Marcelli celebrates 50 years of the Porsche 911
Here in the Insider Report, we’ve come to expect a healthy dose of fun from Barrie racer Kyle Marcelli. The business of racing is about more than just fun though, it is about passion, performance and heritage. It is about getting down to business when the time comes. Marcelli is a pro behind the wheel and is becoming a pro in front of the camera.


In this latest video, the driver talks about the history of the iconic Porsche 911 and his relationship with Pfaff Automotive, who have been a big part of his career and Porsche’s presence in Canada.

The Dakar continues: Stage 10 summary
With ten of fourteen days now complete, Canadian driver Matt Campbell is still soldiering on the 2014 edition of the Dakar Rally. Stage 10 was one of the most challenging yet, a day which saw many competitors stuck in deep sand or rolling over dunes.


American HUMMER racer Robby Gordon had another tough day, as his engine stalled early in the day and wouldn’t restart for nearly an hour and a half.

2014 Dakar Rally Team SPEED Stage 10 Recap – Stalled from PlanetRobby on Vimeo.

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